Salon Deauville is excited and proud to announce our upcoming Bridal Open House: Sunday, February 26 between 9am and 5pm. It will be held in our very own salon and is open to the public, by reservation. Come join your host Claudia Iacono and her entire staff of expert Beauticians, who will be welcoming brides [...]

Makeup 101: Classes Offered at Salon Deauville

Salon Deauville isn’t just your regular, basic salon. Not only can we give your hair a glorious makeover, or do your makeup for your wedding, but we also offer makeup classes as well! You can learn all you need to know in regards to everything makeup oriented – from application to tool knowledge, after our [...]

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Bronze Beauty or Pink and Perfect?

Sometimes finding the right blush can be hard. You want one that will accent your natural hues without washing you out or turning you orange. Depending on your skin tone, you could use peaches or pinks! Don’t worry, you’re not alone in the confusion department! We’ve come up with a short list of a few [...]

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Professional Wedding Makeup: Tips on Shopping for the Right Makeup Artist

There are tons of different makeup artists out there that do a fabulous job when it comes to makeup application and enhancing a bride’s natural beauty. This can be good news and bad news – with so many different makeup artists out there, it can be hard to find the one that best suits you. [...]

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Anti-Aging Secrets From Salon Deauville!

You don’t have to search for the Fountain of Youth in order to look younger. In fact, here’s a little secret just for you – doing the right steps and using the right products is the “fountain of youth” that you’ve been looking for! There are several tips to and tricks to keeping your skin [...]

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Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Flawless, fabulous, and absolutely perfect – that’s how you want your bridal hair & makeup to be! When you look back on your wedding photos, you want your face to be flawless. Running eye liner, blotchy eye shadow, and pasty white cheeks are not what you want to see! With a few fabulous tips and [...]

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From Day To Night: How to Freshen and Change Your Makeup to Fit the Occasion!

For work, you want to keep your makeup looking soft, fresh, and natural. Bold, heavy makeup isn’t exactly fitting for the office. But when you’re going straight from work to a date night out, you want to freshen up and look sexy and sultry! By following a few tips and tricks, you can easily go [...]

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Grasping at Straw

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What Lou Loves

Stop in the Name of the Louvre

"This dress weighs forty pounds, I'm just going to stand here like the statues," quipped Becca Cason Thrash of her Jean Paul Gaultier couture gown as she welcomed early arrivals to Liaisons au Louvre III last night. Among them was Milla Jovovich, who reckoned that her own Saint Laurent number checked in at "at least thirty pounds."

The guest list for the American and International Friends of the Louvre benefit was nothing if not eclectic—a mash-up of European, red-carpet, and rock-star nobility, plus society figures from all over, particularly Houston, where Thrash hails from. Gela Nash-Taylor piled the diamonds high: "Only some of them are real," she joked, striking a pose with husband John in the Caryatids statue gallery. After dinner, the likes of Charlotte Casiraghi, Bianca Brandolini d'Adda, Bruno Frisoni, Hervé Van der Straeten, Andrew Gn, Olga Kurylenko, and Nick Rhodes gathered underneath I. M. Pei's glass pyramid for the evening's live auction.

Thrash drove bidding to new heights, spurred by travel experiences such as a stay at South Wraxall Manor, the Taylors' fifteenth-century estate near Bath, England (with touring rights to Gela's closets and a Juicy Couture tracksuit thrown in for good measure), or a five-day cruise down the Nile on Christian Louboutin's custom-built dahabeah. Thrash, with Louboutin's blessing, sold that trip three times over. The auction's centerpiece—20 Jahre Einsamkeit, by Anselm Kiefer—pulled in a cool half million. In all, the soiree raised nearly $3 million for restorations of the ancient Greek sculpture galleries in the Louvre, home to the Venus de Milo.

But the biggest coup of the evening was not about the cash—it was about an icon. With the opening chords of "I'm Coming Out," the whole room was on its feet for Diana Ross, who reeled through some of her biggest hits. "Are you too young to remember this one?" she teased before launching into "Stop in the Name of Love." "When I saw this project, I just had to do it, so I pulled out my vintage Bob Mackie," the singer said after the show. "I just loved this energy here tonight."

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