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Remember when you and your man first got together? The first time you got naked in front of him was a big deal. Maybe you felt shy, Maybe you were worried about if he’d like your body enough. Maybe you just wanted to keep the lights off until you got to know each other better! Sex is one of the quickest ways to gain intimate and sometimes profound knowledge of another person.

Nudity is something that is sort of a side effect of sex—we see each other’s nude bodies in bed, getting out of bed, walking across the room, in the shower, maybe sneaking a snack from the kitchen, maybe in front of the fireplace. We get used to associating nudity with sex, and with intimacy.

If we live with someone, we get very used to seeing their body in all stages of undress, but some couples like to keep some “mystery” alive. ??When our clothes come off it might seem like a signal for sex, this article offers some tips for initiating foreplay and sex without removing your clothes:

Remember as teenagers we’d be making out with someone and do everything we possibly could with our clothes on? That’s why it felt so good, we kept delaying gratification and becoming excited at the thought that eventually we might remove our clothes and go further. A fun way to spice up your sex life is to try and extend your foreplay while leaving your clothes on for as long as possible. Here are a few suggestions for getting your man hot and bothered before he glimpses your skin!

Wear something in a sexy, touchable fabric, like silk, satin velvet or leather. These fabrics are wonderfully sensual. Some men like the way vinyl or rubber fetish clothes look and feel but it can be a bit uncomfortable for some women so be sure to try it on and move around in it thoroughly before buying it. While wearing your soft, sensual clothing, snuggle up next to your man, and rub your sleeve suggestively on his bare hand or arm or face.

The context of where we have sex works powerfully on our imaginations. Try doing it in places other than the bedroom that are comfortable. If you’re seated on the couch reading or watching TV or listening to music, snuggle with him in a new, provocative way. Put your leg up on his shoulder, or remove his shoes and start rubbing his feet in a sensual way. Lay across him and let your hair fall over his lap.

If you start kissing or nuzzling while seated comfortably, climb onto his lap and straddle him, or clamp your legs around his thigh. Rub against him and create some friction, and he may be surprised at how sexy this is simply because he’s used to having his clothes off when he does it!

Your man might get uncomfortable keeping his clothes on with an erection, but let him know you’re prolonging his ecstasy. Whispering things like “I bet you can’t wait to get these off” while remaining straddled on him is exquisite torture! Grab his crotch through his clothing. Rub it suggestively but not too hard. You can also chew on it and use your lips and mouth to create some fabulous sensations that will drive him wild. Wedge your knee between his legs and gently, nudge his crotch with it. Use your imagination to stimulate this area until he can’t stand it anymore and has to take his pants off.

If you start to like these couch entanglements you can start to experiment with clothing that lets you engage in some creative play. Maybe a lace up corset or a blouse with many tiny buttons. Maybe you can get him some old-fashioned long johns with a “window” in the front for easy access, or some button-fly jeans you can teasingly undo with your fingers or your teeth. Nothing is sexier than unbuttoning a man’s shirt slowly.
Your man might love if you let him get good and hot with all your slow maneuvers, and then suddenly tear his clothes off with wild abandon! You might even consider literally tearing his shirt or popping the buttons off, but make sure it’s not his favorite concert t-shirt or an expensive dress shirt.

Once you finally get naked, think of much excitement and tension you’ll have built up! He probably won’t even want to go into the bedroom, but will want to have you right there on the sofa, rug or bare floor! (make sure there are some cushions nearby just in case so you don’t wind up with bruises). The next time you get your man a shirt with buttons or he buys you a shirt that laces up the front, you’ll both smile and think about the next time you wear these for each other, prolonging and drawing out your pleasure by teasingly removing each other’s clothing only at the last possible moment.

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