KIEL JAMES PATRICK ACCESSORIES Kiel James Patrick Accessories: Rhode Island Natives Bring the Seaside All Year Long

Summertime inspired accessories have always been a favorite of mine. Living near the ocean, the cold snowy months of winter hit me pretty hard. I have a hard time looking out into the sea without reminiscing about lying on the beach on hot days. I started buying nautical jewelry to remind me of these carefree moments in which I can reflect upon during the dead of winter. It’s like taking a little part of the summer with me –no matter what temperature it is outside.

Rhode-Island designing duo Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers both take inspiration for their accessory company, Kiel James Patrick, from their seaside lifestyles. The duo has been working together for ten years – Kiel on the men’s collection and Vickers on the women’s. Her critically acclaimed style blog, Classy Girls Wear Pearls has gained a following of fashion forward women all over the world. Having both a men and women’s collection has helped the company grow very rapidly. Kiel first launched the line three years ago, in hopes of changing people’s view on the word “preppy.” Through distinctive fabric bracelets and hand-braided nautical rope belts and headbands, he was able to take the term from being identified with Abercrombie to classic New England effortless elegance.

The line isn’t all just about past inspiration though. Patrick meets in the middle of past and present to bring out what “preppy” truly means in today’s fashion market. Products are made both in Rhode Island and New England by hand. Each individual piece is sculpted with a high focus on detail and quality. Patrick says that the fact his pieces are made in the location in which they are inspired from, it says something special and creates a trustworthy relationship between the company and the customer.

Browse KJP’s collection online here.

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