Photos: See Actual “Fifty Shades of Grey” Escala Penthouse

If you’ve read any of the books in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy you must be very aware of Christian Grey’s palatial penthouse apartment at the luxury apartment complex known as “Escala,” in Seattle, Washington.

Throughout the books, Christian and Ana Steele are always talking about “heading home to Escala” or “Christian’s magnificent penthouse suite at Escala.” Well, if you, like me, thought Escala was just a pet name for his home, there’s an actual Escala apartment complex in Seattle, and Christian’s fictional home was modeled after the actual penthouse suite.

The 30-story “Escala” is Seattle’s most exclusive address. And at the top sits Christian’s home, the penthouse.

First stop, the elevator opens up into the apartment. Travel past that into the spacious and all-white living room with floor-to-ceiling and wrap-around windows. How many times has Ana wandered out into the living room after a night of fun with Christian to find her Fifty Shades staring despondently out the windows? This is exactly how you pictured it, probably.

The likeness gets even more specific, in the corner is a grand piano, for Christian to play midnight melodies.

The breakfast bar with its high barstools is just like you pictured. The only thing missing is Christian’s dutiful housekeeper, Mrs. Jones.

The gigantic bathroom with his/hers sinks looks just like it’s literary description and of course is “all white” just like everything else in the house.

What is noticeably missing is Christian’s infamous playroom or as Ana calls it – the “Red Room of Pain.” With that said, the author clearly has a vivid imagination.

I wonder if “Fifty Shades” author took a trip there or just did some Google research on the luxurious apartment, because the resemblance is uncanny.

Check out the pictures, I guarantee the photos look JUST LIKE you imagined Christian Grey’s apartment would look.

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