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Trailer Report: Last ‘X-Men’ Preview Tops Week

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‘God’s Not Dead’ Trailer
Shane Harper stars as a college student who has his faith challenged by his philosophy teacher (Kevin Sorbo) in Harold Cronk’s drama. Willie Robertson, Dean Cain and David A.R. White also star in the film, to be released on Mar. 21.
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Tribeca: Aaron Sorkin Says ‘Steve Jobs’ Is ‘One of the Few Times I Ended Up Writing What I Set Out To’

Image aaron_sorkin_advice_a_p.jpgThis article is from: The screenwriter also touched on his upcoming adaptation of former John Edwards aide Andrew Young’s “The Politician” and apologized for the early days of “The Newsroom.”read more

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Author, Editor and Holisitic Health Coach Alexis Wolfer Talks Natural, Organic Beauty for Earth Day

Author, Editor and Holisitic Health Coach Alexis Wolfer Talks Natural, Organic Beauty for Earth Day

Home FashionHealth & Beauty   Author, Editor and Holisitic Health Coach Alexis Wolfer Talks Natural, Organic Beauty for Earth Day

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Photos Courtesy of Alexis Wolfer

If you’re a fan of JustLuxe beauty articles you’ll know we have an unhealthy obsession with luxury skincare. We can’t help that $500 for a bottle of anti-aging cream sounds like a bargain, especially if it’s keeping those wrinkles at bay, so when the idea of DIY, natural beauty products came across our desks, we couldn’t help but scoff. But sitting down to really dig into the science behind these yogurt-honey-blueberry concoctions, gave us second thoughts about what we’re really putting on our face. Are those bottled skincare products doing more harm than good? What’s really getting absorbed by our skin? And can natural ingredients really rival those of our favorite products?

In light of Earth Day (and pure cat-like curiosity) we spoke with Alexis Wolfer, editor at The Beauty Bean, author of The Recipe for Radiance and certified holistic health coach for some answers about natural skincare. Giving us a little insight on how to make your routine organic, more eco-friendly and what makes true beauty, Wolfer offers up ideas and arguments that suddenly made us think twice about our bathroom cabinet—we’re switching up the clothes in our closets for more natural, environment friendly options—could we do the same with our skincare?

Alexis Wolfer

With an editorial background, Wolfer worked at several publications during school, finding her passion in beauty and healthy living. “I had all these jobs and internships throughout college and graduate school at women’s magazines in the fashion and beauty world which I love just so profoundly,” she explained. “And my last job while I was in graduate school was I was at Lucky Magazine. And it’s while I was there doing both human rights work and being in fashion editorial that I realized it wasn’t necessary for women’s magazines to make them feel badly about themselves in order to sell them things; I thought there was a better way to do this.”­­

Alexis Wolfer

Establishing The Beauty Bean in January 2010, she started the site as a way to give women the information and recipes needed to take control of their own beauty and create skincare that is tailored to their specific needs. Named one of the Top 10 Women’s Lifestyle Sites by Forbes, she curates daily content on food, fitness, beauty and the mind to empower women to become their most beautiful selves. Her new book, The Recipe for Radiance (which comes out today), is a how-to guide to help with a number of skin issues.  “It’s really more of a beauty bible for the woman who’s looking for the all-natural, easy, effective, time saving solution in her kitchen,” Wolfer explains. 

Alexis Wolfer

Making the switch from trusted beauty products to DIY, honey cleansers might be a big leap for some, but Wolfer saw it as a way of taking control of her beauty. “I was seeing all these things come across my desk as a beauty editor that we’re like ‘now it has blueberries!’ or ‘now it has acai!’ What if we go into our kitchens and start doing this all naturally and ourselves?” she asks. “I was so careful about the ingredients that I was putting in my body, but I was significantly less concerned about what I was putting on it until that moment.” As she built The Beauty Bean she realized from the feedback she was receiving that natural, organic beauty was bigger than she had imagined. “I had access to a lot of celebrities and every time I was talking to them I would always ask what their favorite DIY beauty tip was,” she explains, “And it really started out of curiosity, but I was always so surprised by how many women who have access to the latest and greatest in every skincare innovation and really, the unlimited funds to be able to indulge in them, were sticking to coconut oil and a Greek yogurt face mask.”

Alexis Wolfer

So why isn’t everyone ditching the biochem ingredients for all-natural, organic beauty? Well aside from having a terrible shelf life, it seems we’ve come to expect quite a bit from our traditional products. “The reason why real blueberries aren’t showing up in real skincare products is blueberries are only good on a shelf for a handful of days,” Wolfer explains. “And so by the time it gets put into a beauty product it’s so processed that you’re not getting the same benefit.” Even the care we take on storing our beauty products has some effect on what manufactures can and cannot put into our products. “We keep them in our hot and steamy bathrooms. The chemistry behind our beauty products really needs to be spot on in order for stuff to stay good for a long period of time, which is wonderful when we’re talking about the confidence of having something in your bathroom cabinet that you can grab on the go,” she says. “But when it comes to really getting the most effective ingredients in your skincare, the stuff that you find in your kitchen is often stronger, more powerful, better, cheaper, easier.” Which leaves us wondering—what exactly are they putting in there to preserve the product for that long, and do we want that seeping into our face? We’ll just say the idea of natural fresh ingredients is starting to make a lot more sense.

Alexis Wolfer

Having tried traditional products, DIY beauty and skincare recipes for many years, Wolfer let us in on some of her favorite ingredients. “The three things that I always find myself going back to are full fat Greek yogurt—it makes an amazing base for any mask, it has lactic acid which helps break down dead skin cells and reduce inflammation, it has probiotics which helps the bacteria on the surface of your skin and prevent breakouts, and it has healthy fats which moisturize without causing you to breakout,” she explains. “I also find myself often going to raw honey, which is a creamy consistency and it’s not as sticky as processed honey—it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial—it is actually the only natural food in the world that never goes bad,” she adds excitedly. “But because of its antibacterial properties it’s really, really wonderful for helping to heal any sort of a cut or a scrape, for any sort of acne, but it’s also a humectant which means it helps to bring moisture deeper down into your cells layers so it’s really great for dry skin. Also I find myself often working with sweet potatoes or pumpkins because of their vitamin A content.” 

Alexis Wolfer

With her almost ridiculous encyclopedic knowledge of foods, benefits, uses and nutrients it’s hard to not instantly want to run out to Whole Foods and go on an organic produce shopping spree. But for some of us (myself included), giving up your SK-II and La Mer is easier said than done. Besides is there anything quite as luxurious as smoothing on your favorite face cream? Wolfer thinks there might be. “I love the age-reversing wine mask—first of all I think it’s really fun to put red wine on your face,” she laughs. “I think it feels really indulgent; you need such a tiny little bit so it’s not like it’s going to take away from your bottle of wine, but the resveratrol in the red wine is such a powerful antioxidant, but it’s not stable enough to put in beauty products.” 

Alexis Wolfer

To help get your Earth Day started right—and hopefully keep you on track the rest of the year—Wolfer has a few suggestions for making an easy transition. “Some of the easiest ways to green your beauty routine, if you will,” she laughs. “I really love to use organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil to remove my makeup, so not only is it a one stop shop for anyone who’s super lazy, but you don’t need any water—it will emulsify all of your makeup, even the most stubborn of waterproof eye makeup.” We gave it a try—not wanting to run too far too fast—and surprisingly it does works pretty well. It cleans makeup quickly without some of the tugging and pulling that can occur with traditional cleansers. “Coconut oil is really rich in folic acid which helps to gently exfoliate your skin,” she adds. “It’s going to help get rid of any clogged skin cells that are clogging your pores, but it’s also antibacterial and antimicrobial so it’s going to prevent breakouts.”

Alexis Wolfer

While all of this natural-DIY-organic beauty is meant to improve your skin and well-being, Wolfer confesses it’s not the true purpose of all her endeavors. “I hope that women realize that all women are beautiful and that these recipes are not about making you pretty. That this is a just fun and glamorous and exciting thing to be able to boost what you’ve already got,” she explains. “I also want women to know that they’ve got the power and they’ve got the control.” Sounds pretty great to us. We might have abandonment issues if we break up with our entire skincare line, but a little mixing and matching, or using natural, organic foods to supplement our favorite products is our new resolution—besides all that “natural beauty” everyone’s dying for in the summer? We’re pretty sure we just found out how to get it.

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Tribeca: Chris Messina Talks ‘Grueling’ Juggle of Directing ‘Alex of Venice’ and Filming ‘Mindy Project’

Tribeca: Chris Messina Talks ‘Grueling’ Juggle of Directing ‘Alex of Venice’ and Filming ‘Mindy Project’

Image chris_messina.jpgRead the article – Messina’s Fox co-stars Mindy Kaling and Ed Weeks attended the premiere of his directorial debut, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Don Johnson and Derek Luke.read more

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Meb Keflezighi wins Boston Marathon by 11 seconds

“The Star-Spangled Banner” played over Boylston Street in honour of an American winner of the Boston Marathon.One year after a bombing there killed three people and left more than 260 injured, Meb Keflezighi added Boston to a resume that includes the New York City Marathon title in 2009 and a silver medal in the 2004 Olympics.Running just two weeks before his 39th birthday, he had the names of the 2013 bombing victims on his bib.”At the end, I just kept thinking, ‘Boston Strong. Boston Strong,”‘ he said. “I was thinking ‘Give everything you have. If you get beat, that’s it.”‘Keflezighi completed the 42.2 kilometres from Hopkinton to the finish on Boylston Street in Boston’s Back Bay on Monday in a personal-best two hours eight minutes and 37 seconds. He held off Kenya’s Wilson Chebet, who finished 11 seconds behind.Kenya’s Rita Jeptoo crosses the finish line in a course-record two hours 18 minutes 57 seconds to win the 118th Boston Marathon on Monday. She is the seventh three-time Boston Marathon champion. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)Keflezighi went out early and built a big lead. But he was looking over his shoulder several times as Chebet closed the gap over the final two miles. After realizing he wouldn’t be caught, Keflezighi raised his sunglasses, began pumping his right fist and made the sign of the cross. He broke into tears after crossing the finish line, then draped himself in the American flag.No U.S. runner had won the race since Lisa Larsen-Weidenbach took the women’s title in 1985. The last American man to win was Greg Meyer in 1983. Meyer and Keflezighi embraced after the race.”I’m blessed to be an American and God bless America and God bless Boston for this special day,” Keflezighi said.Rita Jeptoo of Kenya successfully defended the women’s title she said she could not enjoy a year ago. Jeptoo finished in a course-record 2:18:57. She is a three-time Boston Marathon champion, having also won in 2006.”I came here to support the people in Boston and show them that we are here together,” she said. “I decided to support them and show them we are here together.”Jeptoo broke away from a group of five runners at the 37-km mark. Buzunesh Deba of Ethiopia finished second in 2:19:59. Countrywoman Mare Dibaba was third at 2:19:52. All three women came in under the previous course record.American Shalane Flanagan, who went to high school in nearby Marblehead, finished seventh after leading for more than half the race. She gambled by setting the early pace, but fell back on the Newton Hills about 21 miles into the race.”It does mean a lot to be that my city was proud of me,” she said. “I’m proud of how I ran. I don’t wish I was it was easier. I wish I was better.”Lanni Marchant of London, Ont., was the top Canadian in 14th.After breaking a 27-year American drought at the New York marathon, Keflezighi contemplated retiring after the 2012 NYC Marathon. But that race was canceled because of Superstorm Sandy, and he pulled out of the Boston Marathon last April because of injury. He watched the race from the stands at the finish line, but said he left about five minutes before the bombs went off.He was the first American to medal in an Olympic marathon since Frank Shorter won gold in 1972 and silver in 1976. His 2009 New York victory broke a 27-year American drought there.Another American, Tatyana McFadden, celebrated her 25th birthday Monday by winning the women’s wheelchair race for the second straight year. She was timed in in 1 hour, 35 minutes, 6 seconds.McFadden was born in Russia and lived in an orphanage as a child before starring at the University of Illinois. She also won the 2013 NYC Marathon women’s wheelchair race after taking the titles in Boston, London and Chicago last year.Ernst van Dyk of South Africa won the men’s wheelchair division for a record 10th time. The 41-year-old crossed in 1 hour, 20 minutes, 36 seconds.Van Dyk holds the record for most all-categories Boston Marathon wins. This was his first win at this race since 2010.Edmonton’s Tom McGrath was the top Canadian, finishing 101st in 2:30:30.Last year’s men’s champion, Lelisa Desisa, did not finish this year’s race, and had to be picked up by a van about 21 miles into the event.Marathon officials said 35,755 runners registered for the race, with 32,408 unofficial starters. The field included just less than 5,000 runners who were not able to finish last year and accepted invitations to return this year.

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Boston Marathon begins under tight security 1 year after bombing

Boston Marathon begins under tight security 1 year after bombing

The 118th Boston Marathon began this morning amid a large police presence that greeted runners and spectators who filtered in Monday morning, a year after a pair of homemade pressure-cooker bombs near the finish line killed three people and wounded more than 260.ON MOBILE? Watch Security briefing LIVE
A moment of silence was observed and America the Beautiful was played over a loudspeaker before the race began for mobility-impaired marathoners.The first entrants crossed the starting line at 8:50 a.m. Monday in the mobility-impaired division. The elite men and women runners were starting later in the morning.Despite heightened security, the mood was festive at the fine line on Boylston Street. Spontaneous applause broke out as a group of Boston police officers walked near the site of last year’s twin bombing and children danced as the Rolling Stones’ song Start Me Up blared over the loudspeakers.About 36,000 runners have registered for the race — the second-largest field in its history — many of them coming to show support for the event and the city that was shocked by the attack on its signature sporting event.”I can’t imagine the number of emotions that are going to be there,” said Katie O’Donnell, who was running the marathon last year and made it 41 kilometres before she was stopped about a kilometre from the finish line when the twin bombs exploded. “I think I’m going to start crying at the starting line and I’m not sure I’ll stop until I cross the finish line.”One year after the Boston Marathon bombings
MAP: Boston bombings manhunt
Timeline: Boston Marathon bombing
The most obvious change for the 118th edition of the world’s oldest annual marathon was the heavy security presence. State and local police officers were everywhere Monday, even on the rooftops of some buildings.A bus dropping off runners had the words “Boston Strong” on the electronic sign at the front that usually posts the bus’s destination. A banner posted on a commercial building in Hopkinton read: “You are Boston Strong. You Earned This.”Spectators coming to the start line had to pass through police checkpoints.
‘It was very difficult to be happy. People were injured and children died. If I’m going to win again, I hope I can be happier and to show people, like I was supposed to last year.​’- Rita Jeptoo, winner of last year’s woman’s race
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick spoke Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation about the increased police presence.However, he said organizers didn’t want the race run “through a militarized zone,” so organizers “struck that balance” with the police presence.Authorities say two brothers — ethnic Chechens who lived in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan and the Dagestan region of Russia — planned and orchestrated the twin bombings near the marathon finish line on April 15, 2013. Authorities said the bombs were made from pressure cookers packed with explosives, nails and other shrapnel that were concealed in backpacks.Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, died following a shootout with police several days after the bombings. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 20, has pleaded not guilty to 30 federal charges and is awaiting a trial in which he faces a possible death sentence. Prosecutors say the brothers also killed MIT police officer Sean Collier several days after the bombings in an attempt to steal his gun.Prosecutors have said Dzhokhar Tsarnaev left a hand-scrawled confession condemning U.S. actions in Muslim countries on the inside wall of a boat he was found hiding in following the police shootout.More than 100 security camerasRunners attending the event Monday had to use clear plastic bags for their belongings, and fans hoping to watch near the finish line were encouraged to leave strollers and backpacks behind. More than 100 cameras have been installed along the route in Boston, and 50 or so “observation points” will be set up around the finish line “to monitor the crowd,” the Boston Athletic Association said.Patrick said there have been no specific threats against the race or the city for the Massachusetts holiday of Patriots’ Day.About 36,000 runners are registered to run this year’s Boston Marathon – one year after two bombs killed 3 people and wounded more than 260 others at the annual race. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)”We’re not taking that as a sign to sort of stand down,” he said. “We’re very prepared, and we’re assuring people as much as we can that it’ll be a fun day and a safe one.”Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia and Kenya’s Rita Jeptoo, who crossed the finish line on Boylston Street about three hours before the explosions, will return to defend their championships. Desisa returned to Boston last fall to donate his first-place medal to the city as a gesture of support.Tinged with sadnessJeptoo, who also won the race in 2006, said she is hoping for a third victory — and one she can enjoy.”It was very difficult to be happy. People were injured and children died,” she said of last year’s marathon. “If I’m going to win again, I hope I can be happier and to show people, like I was supposed to last year.”Even as runners focused on the exhilaration of crossing the finish line, the festive atmosphere was inevitably tinged with sorrow a day ahead of the race as they picked up last-minute supplies.Marathon runners were blessed at an emotional church service that celebrated Easter and remembered the victims, while heightened security measures, including bag checks, were in place at marathon events.For years, state and local officials conducted a “tabletop exercise” before the Boston Marathon, a meeting that allows them to study a map of the 42-km course from Hopkinton to Boston’s Copley Square and plan for emergencies that could arise during the race.So many new people needed to attend the session this year that they moved it from the state’s emergency bunker in Framingham to the a convention centre in the city. The crowd grew from what usually is about 100 to more than 450, according to Boston Athletic Association executive director Tom Grilk, who is in charge of organizing the race.”Whether you have a small group or a big group, the spirit is the same,” he said this month in an interview at the athletic association’s office, about two blocks from the finish line. “And that is: How do we get our event done well?”

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Cannes: Who Missed the Cut

Cannes: Who Missed the Cut

Image oscarmalick_a.jpgCredit: Films from festival favorites Terrence Malick, Abel Ferrara, Stephen Frears, and Doug Liman all failed to make the Official Selection despite being heavily tipped ahead of the announcement to score a slot. read more

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Jackie Chan to Star in Historical Epic ‘Dragon Blade’

Image jackie_chan_tiff.jpgOriginal link: Directed by Daniel Lee and to co-star an as-yet-unnamed Hollywood A-lister, the big-budget film tells the story of Roman soldiers who get lost in ancient China. read more

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Avoid the Mega Crowds With These 9 Eclectic Early Summer Music Festivals

Home  >   LifeStyle  >  Leisure  > Avoid the Mega Crowds With These 9 Eclectic Early Summer Music Festivals

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Summer music festival

Photo Credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Sunshine, picnic blankets, girls in flowing dresses, hula-hoops…they all mean that music festival season has officially begun. The first weekend of Coachella has wrapped up (with the second weekend coming up quick), but there are so many other options out there, whether you are a Philharmonic fan or an indie rocker. If you’re not a fan of big crowds, you may want to stay away from the mega-festivals (sorry, Coachella), but there are plenty of smaller eclectic festivals out there with friendly crowds and fantastic music. And we’re willing to bet that some of these will be news to you!

Abbey Road on the River — Louisville

The Scene: As the biggest Beatles-inspired music festival, this event is full of fond memories of the Fab Four. The first rule of AROTR (according to the FAQ section)? “Do not worry about anything because we will solve all of your problems and answer all of your questions and make you happy when you show up. We mean it!”

The Music: Though this annual festival celebrates “the music and spirit of the Beatles,” more than just Beatles cover tunes are played. The Beach Boys are actually headlining this year. But if it is the Beatles you want, there will be 250 concerts from tribute bands hailing from every corner of the world, including Norway and Japan. (May 22-26, 2014)

Waterfront Blues Festival

Photo Credit: Joe Cantrell/Waterfront Blues Festival

Mountain Rails Live — Southern Rockies, Colorado

The Scene: People seem to love the two-hour trip to Mountain Rails Live, which is not something you can say often about a festival. Come aboard the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad, travel through the Southern Rockies to Fir Mountain, which is an “all green” concert site in the high mountains. On July 4th weekend, this 13-week series goes all-out for an inaugural “Americana Music Festival.” In addition to the concerts, there’ll be local brews and barbecue.

The Music: Western folk, country rock and classic Americana. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band headlines for the first time, while Juice Newton and Michael Martin Murphy are among other headliners. Fans also have the chance to meet the musicians in the club car on the trip home. (Weekends, June 14-15 through September 13-14, 2014) 

Waterfront Blues Festival — Portland

The Scene: The Waterfront Blues Festival is kind of like New Orleans JazzFest meets Burning Man — only thankfully, temperatures are about 30 degrees cooler. Five days of music and a Fourth of July firework fest, Waterfront is one of the biggest and best festivals in Cascadia’s green, micro-brewing heart.

The Music: Headliners for 2014 include Boz Scaggs, Los Lobos and Gregg Allman. Blues greats include Maceo Parker, Lee Fields and the Expressions, John Nemeth and the Bokeys, and a host of others. Also, expect a little zydeco, a little rockabilly, and perhaps a marching band or two. (July 3-6, 2014) 

Aspen Music Festival and School

Photo Courtesy of Aspen Music Festival and School

Aspen Music Festival and School — Aspen

The Scene: Since 1949, this has been one of the country’s preeminent classical music events. Tens of thousands of attendees mingle with classical music’s greats, and more than 600 promising music students are cherry-picked from around the world. About 300 live performances over eight weeks transform this mountain town and draw in an altogether different crowd than the Hollywood ski-bro norm.

The Music: The theme of this year’s Aspen Music Festival is “The New Romantics,” and the music director is Robert Spano — now in his third year. The storied Tony Bennett himself will appear June 28, and Rufus Wainwright will perform for one night only. The operas this year are “Carmen,”  “Eugene Onegin,” and “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” (June 26-August 17, 2014) 

BottleRock — Napa Valley

The Scene: After an huge start last year, BottleRock has settled down a bit, with a mellower lineup, seasoned promoters taking over, and — if locals get their wish — an atmosphere suited to Northern California’s wine country vibe. Speaking of wine country, at least 10 great producers will be pouring, and there will be a “restaurant garden” as well as a food truck area.

The Music: Outkast, The Cure, Eric Church, Weezer, TV on the Radio, LL Cool J with Z-Trip, The Fray, Matt and Kim, Heart, Deer Hunter, and about a dozen hit-makers of the Nineties. Supporting acts range stylistically from Irish bluegrass to experimental LA rock to accordion. (May 30-June 1, 2014) 

North by Northeast

Photo Credit: Phil Brennan/NXNE

NXNE (North by Northeast) — Toronto

The Scene: For all the people who sigh that SXSW is too much of a scene and isn’t about bands anymore, you should try the Canadian version. Now in its 20th year, it’s no small scene either, North by Northeast still brings in a solid line-up of under-the-radar and breaking artists — in addition to a couple chart-toppers. And it has also grown to have film, interactive and art components.

The Music: St. Vincent, and Spoon and Spiritualized are among the headliners this year. The rest of the lineup is split between artists known in Canada (but not yet globally, like Mac DeMarco and Tim Hecker) and buzz bands like Danny Brown (Detroit rap) and tUnE-yArDs (low-fi experimental pop).  (Dates: June 13-22, 2014) 

Rochester Lilac Festival — Rochester

The Scene: People in Western New York know it’s truly spring when Rochester’s lilacs are in full-blooming glory. Rochester’s nickname is The Flower City and at this festival, they’re the center of attention. Other program highlights include a music fest, fun run, parade, art fair, and Big Rib BBQ & Blues Fest (a festival-within-a-festival).  

The Music: Eddie Money, Rusted Root, the Original Wailers and the Skycoasters are among those to headline a night of the eight-day festival. Big Rib recently announced headliners Robert Randolph & the Family Band, the James Hunter Six, and Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens. (May 9-18, 2014) 

 Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo

Photo Courtesy of Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo

Sweetgrass Music Festival — Charleston

The Scene: Only in its second year, this Charleston festival is one to hit if you like authentic bluegrass, a casual family-friendly vibe, and a relaxed stage where musicians can try out new band line-ups and interact with the attendees. The Sweetgrass Music Festival’s location, across from Charleston Harbor, promises gorgeous sunsets and breezy temperatures.

The Music: Headliners include Lonesome River Band, Nothin’ Fancy, and IIIrd Tyme Out (fronted by Russell More, five-time International Bluegrass Music Association Male Vocalist of the Year). A free mandolin workshop will be led by Grammy nominee Alan Bibey on Saturday. (May 2-3, 2014) 

Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo — New Orleans

The Scene: This free festival on the Bayou St. John has three stages, an artists’ market, and awesome street-fair food. Special events include a bicycle pub crawl and “rubber ducky derby.” One stage is just for kid’s entertainment, while the others feature a lot of local bands. This annual event started nine years ago as a Hurricane Katrina fundraiser and continues to be all about supporting community, heritage, and art.

The Music: The Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo is full of Zydeco, hip-hop/soul, funk, jazz fusion, and more music made for dancing. (May 16-18, 2014)  

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Fox Picks Up Mark Millar’s ‘Superior’ Comic Book (Exclusive)

Fox Picks Up Mark Millar’s ‘Superior’ Comic Book (Exclusive)

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