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Missoni Shoots Joan Small and Justin Barnhill for Sci-Fi Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign

Missoni Shoots Joan Small and Justin Barnhill for Sci-Fi Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign

missoni campaign joan smalls

Photos Courtesy of Missoni

When we think of post-apocalyptic, sci-fi societies, we tend to think of Mad Max or Blade Runner—where it’s a dog-eat-dog world of robot gangs and cool laser guns that blast out explosive beams of light. For the fashion world, or at least Missoni, however, the future looks much different. For the Italian brand, the year 2970 will be filled not with revenge-seeking cyborgs, but bright, cartoonish creatures that will roam the earth befriending gorgeous models. Tapping top models Joan Smalls and Justin Barnhill, Missoni’s Fall/Winter 14-15 campaign captures the two in this optimistic future where they pose against the dry landscape.“[Smalls] is one of the most famous and adored models of this moment, and she perfectly embodies the spirit of this collection,” Angela Missoni told Style.com of her casting choice. “With her beautiful complexion, intensity and strong, contemporary attitude, she seemed to me the ideal protagonist of this campaign, one that puts together past and future, memory and sci-fi, and reality and fantasy.”

Shot by Dutch photographer and artist Viviane Sassen, and styled by Vanessa Reid and Stephen Mann, the campaign took place at an archeological site to allow for the barren backdrop to make a dramatic contrast against the new season’s colorful designs. Meant to be the “alter-egos” of Smalls and Barnhill, the geometric creatures follow them across these empty ruins, encapsulating their internal adventurousness in this forthcoming environment. “It’s an imaginary world, one thousand years forward, and a surreal and humorous setting comprised of ancient ruins, bright vivid color, metallic shades, sharp geometric patterns and robotic futuristic creatures—an ideal frame for Missoni’s contemporary and stylish woman,” Missoni explained. While, admittedly, the campaign images aren’t as gut-wrenching as two hours of Blade Runner, we’re not going to say no to anything that puts us in sight of Barnhill’s angelic stares.

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Lara Stone Slips Back Into Calvin Klein Jeans For Her New Fall Campaign

Lara Stone Slips Back Into Calvin Klein Jeans For Her New Fall Campaign

Lara Stone for calvin klein

Photos Courtesy of Calvin Klein Jeans

Calvin Klein is tapping a couple of major names for its upcoming fall campaigns. Having just shot Lottie Moss for their Mytheresa collaboration, the American brand is now tapping supermodel Lara Stone for both their Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear campaigns. A Klein model since 2008 (switching exclusively to fragrances during her pregnancy), this will be Stone’s first time slipping back into her Calvins since giving birth to her son. While rumors spread that some labels turned away the model due to her pre-natal weight gain, she is looking like one hot mama in the new CK images—seriously, her post-baby body is better than ours. “By about nine months [after the birth] I began feeling more normal and I started to fit into my old clothes again, but my body still felt different,” Stone told Net-A-Porter’s The Edit.

But it certainly doesn’t look different. The gorgeous, jealousy-inducing images were shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, and feature Stone lying across the lap of Matt Terry. But despite Terry being an Adonis of a model we barely notice him—probably due, in part, to Stone’s amazingly awesome abs. The images also play host to the #mycalvins hashtag, a social media campaign that has been in effect since February. With the buzz around newcomer Lottie Moss and the fan base of modeling vet Stone, it looks like this season is gearing up to be a popular one for Calvin Klein.

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Max Mara Makes Actress Amy Adams the Star of Their New Campaign

Max Mara Makes Actress Amy Adams the Star of Their New Campaign

Amy Adams Max Mara

Photo Credit: Mario Sorrenti for Max Mara

While most of us are soaking up the sun and planning backyard get-togethers, the fashion industry is gearing up for fall with the release of their F/W 14-15 campaigns. Most have featured popular models or bright new up-and-comers—like Gisele Bündchen for Isabel Marant or Lottie Moss for Calvin Klein—but Max Mara decided to shake up the game. Turning to A-lister Amy Adams to front their fall and upcoming spring campaigns, the Italian luxury brand is hoping a dose of Hollywood will stand out amongst the others.

Replacing Jennifer Garner who was the face of the brand last year, Adams was shot by Mario Sorrenti wearing the brand’s signature sunglasses, handbags and accessories. Featuring Max Mara’s Signature Bag, the Margaux and a new line of eyewear, the actress’ campaign images will be featured in approximately 50 store windows around the globe. There will be a total of five photographs for Adams, with handbag shots set to release in August and sunglasses coming in October. The campaign will be released worldwide including Moscow and Dubai.

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Take the Whole Family Glamping In This 3-Bedroom Northwest Territory Tent

Take the Whole Family Glamping In This 3-Bedroom Northwest Territory Tent

Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent

Photo Courtesy of Sears

With summer quickly approaching, many are finding themselves dreaming of having a weekend long camping adventure with friends and family. Instead of using an old cramped tent, one which is probably still dirty from that last music festival you went to, check out the 18’x12′ Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent. Designed to replicate a little house, the tent has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, eight windows throughout, and a peaked roof that’s over seven feet high in the center. The little porch area is great for hanging out and thanks to a dropdown wall, bugs are kept at bay. There’s even a back zippered door so those sleeping in the rear can have a private entrance. Another neat feature is that the floor can be unzipped from the main tent, making clean-up super easy. 

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11 Sexy Soccer Players We Wish Would Play On Our Field

11 Sexy Soccer Players We Wish Would Play On Our Field

We all know that David Beckham is uncomfortably attractive, but he’s not the only good looking soccer (or football, depending on where you live) player out there who makes you want to suddenly take the sport up. To celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup (because it’s nice to have an excuse to look at these players), we’ve found the hottest guys out there who make a living kicking a ball around and looking attractive (though being attractive may or may not be part of their contracts). 

Cristiano Ronaldo

We don’t know how he does it, but Cristiano always has perfect hair during games. Seriously, do a quick search and you’re met with images of his body flying through the air and perfectly coiffed hair. It’s mystical and maybe even a little annoying. The Portuguese player also has a bit of a bad boy streak in him (or at least he used to) and threw a chair at his teacher when he was a kid because the teacher “disrespected” him. From Portugal, the 29-year-old is a pretty pricey player with his $132 million dollar transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009 — meaning he’s talented. Really talented.

David Beckham

Of course, David Beckham is on the list. Look at him. It’s like he’s looking right into your essence and seducing it. Stop it, David! You’re married! (P.S. Never stop, we didn’t mean it.)

Xabier “Xabi” Alonso

When Xabi wears a suit he can rival James Bond, when he grows a beard he looks like he’ll build you the log cabin of your dreams — two very important traits. He’s also a redhead (score!) and he’s the only one on this list our fashion editor really approves of (double score!). From Spain, the 32-year-old plays for Real Madrid (meaning he and Cristiano up there are probably besties ready to take us on the double date of a lifetime) and tends to put family ahead of the game, having skipped a match to be present at the birth of his first child. Swoon. 

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

As Brazil’s shining star, 22-year-old Neymar is just as attractive as he is talented. Plus, he photographs pretty well and even rivaled Gisele Bündchen on a recent Vogue Brazil cover. Playing for Barcelona, the player is known for his speed, acceleration, dribbling, and is quick on both feet, making him a pretty big deal and someone other players call the future best in the world. 

Sergio Ramos

When guys who look like Sergio are on the field, it’s really hard to root for one team only. You may even find yourself getting jealous of all the high-fives and tackles he doles out. In 2013, at the age of 27, he became the youngest player to ever reach 100 caps and not surprising, he’s in a relationship. 


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Death Defying Runways: The Most Unique, Terrifying and Crazy Catwalks in Fashion

Death Defying Runways: The Most Unique, Terrifying and Crazy Catwalks in Fashion

We love watching runway shows during fashion week, we do, but sometimes a collection calls for something a little more extravagant, a little more unique, a little more—death-defying. Some of the most shocking fashion runway shows in the world have been held thousands of feet in the sky, underwater or set models on fire—seriously. While it seems designers are always trying to outdo one another, there a few “runways” (and we use the term loosely) that pretty much take the cake. Fair warning—if you’re afraid of heights these are totally not for you.

Entrepreneur/model Jessica Minh Anh has a tendency to organize fashion shows that are not for the faint of heart. Coordinating the first runway on Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay’s OCBC Skyway, her J Spring Fashion Show 2014 was held 82 feet above the ground on a 420 foot long runway. The show included designs by men and women’s brands including Chinese fashion house Tina Couture, British Menswear brand Mark Marengo and Singapore’s very own fashion brand Fuchsia Lane.

Since Anh is clearly a lover of heights and vertigo-inducing runways, is it any surprise she’s the mind behind the show on the PETRONAS Twin Towers’ SkyBridge? Holding the J Spring Fashion show in March of 2012 at the SkyBridge in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the event was the first of its kind—not only for height and location, but in variety of presenters. In conjunction with 10 designers from 10 different countries, the event showcased the work of Limkokwing University students. The pièce de résistance was a cake dress worn by Anh, designed by a student who won an international design competition.

Ridiculously high catwalk? Check. Never been done before? Check. Then it must be Anh. Taking heights to a new level, she coordinated the first runway show over the Grand Canyon on the crystal-clear Skywalk. The “floating” glass-bottom bridge is 4,000 feet over the canyon floor, adding to the dramatic backdrop of the collection. As the stage for the J Autumn haute couture and ready-to-wear collection, the models had to walk the bridge in heels and just pray they didn’t look down—or trip—it’s a long fall.

While heights are quite terrifying for some, it almost pales in comparison to lighting yourself on fire. For the 2007 Taurus World Stunt Awards, stuntmen were honored for their contributions to filmmaking—and you know these guys weren’t going to give a little speech and be played off stage. Mid-event a runway show begins that had male and female models strutting their stuff down the stage—with their bodies completely lit on fire. It was clear these stuntmen (and women!) enjoy their work. Needless to say this was one hot runway.

If fire isn’t your thing you could always take the plunge with an underwater runway show. While the thought of spinning, twirling and doing a little turn on the catwalk, all while wearing pounds of traditional Korean clothing (sans air tank!) gives us the willies, the swirling clothes do look pretty cool. To celebrate the opening of a new Lotte department store in Seoul, Korea, models donned brightly colored traditional garments and took to the water. While it’s a little more wet fish than the Little Mermaid, we’d take it over setting ourselves ablaze.

For thrill-seeking models in the world it doesn’t get any better than a base-jumping fashion show. Titled High Fashion, models Roberta Mancino, Giovanni Silvestri, Andrey Karr, Luca Tondelli and Maurizio Di Palma all flew through the air on camera for the sake of Italian style. Commissioned in part by Roberto Cavalli in conjunction with Go Pro cameras, supermodel (and real-life daredevil extraordinaire and skydiving record holder) Mancino pairs up with those well-dressed men to show off their new Cavailli duds—all while free falling off Monte Brento in Italy. Oh, and she does this all in heels.

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Avoid the Mega Crowds With These 9 Eclectic Early Summer Music Festivals

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Summer music festival

Photo Credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Sunshine, picnic blankets, girls in flowing dresses, hula-hoops…they all mean that music festival season has officially begun. The first weekend of Coachella has wrapped up (with the second weekend coming up quick), but there are so many other options out there, whether you are a Philharmonic fan or an indie rocker. If you’re not a fan of big crowds, you may want to stay away from the mega-festivals (sorry, Coachella), but there are plenty of smaller eclectic festivals out there with friendly crowds and fantastic music. And we’re willing to bet that some of these will be news to you!

Abbey Road on the River — Louisville

The Scene: As the biggest Beatles-inspired music festival, this event is full of fond memories of the Fab Four. The first rule of AROTR (according to the FAQ section)? “Do not worry about anything because we will solve all of your problems and answer all of your questions and make you happy when you show up. We mean it!”

The Music: Though this annual festival celebrates “the music and spirit of the Beatles,” more than just Beatles cover tunes are played. The Beach Boys are actually headlining this year. But if it is the Beatles you want, there will be 250 concerts from tribute bands hailing from every corner of the world, including Norway and Japan. (May 22-26, 2014)

Waterfront Blues Festival

Photo Credit: Joe Cantrell/Waterfront Blues Festival

Mountain Rails Live — Southern Rockies, Colorado

The Scene: People seem to love the two-hour trip to Mountain Rails Live, which is not something you can say often about a festival. Come aboard the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad, travel through the Southern Rockies to Fir Mountain, which is an “all green” concert site in the high mountains. On July 4th weekend, this 13-week series goes all-out for an inaugural “Americana Music Festival.” In addition to the concerts, there’ll be local brews and barbecue.

The Music: Western folk, country rock and classic Americana. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band headlines for the first time, while Juice Newton and Michael Martin Murphy are among other headliners. Fans also have the chance to meet the musicians in the club car on the trip home. (Weekends, June 14-15 through September 13-14, 2014) 

Waterfront Blues Festival — Portland

The Scene: The Waterfront Blues Festival is kind of like New Orleans JazzFest meets Burning Man — only thankfully, temperatures are about 30 degrees cooler. Five days of music and a Fourth of July firework fest, Waterfront is one of the biggest and best festivals in Cascadia’s green, micro-brewing heart.

The Music: Headliners for 2014 include Boz Scaggs, Los Lobos and Gregg Allman. Blues greats include Maceo Parker, Lee Fields and the Expressions, John Nemeth and the Bokeys, and a host of others. Also, expect a little zydeco, a little rockabilly, and perhaps a marching band or two. (July 3-6, 2014) 

Aspen Music Festival and School

Photo Courtesy of Aspen Music Festival and School

Aspen Music Festival and School — Aspen

The Scene: Since 1949, this has been one of the country’s preeminent classical music events. Tens of thousands of attendees mingle with classical music’s greats, and more than 600 promising music students are cherry-picked from around the world. About 300 live performances over eight weeks transform this mountain town and draw in an altogether different crowd than the Hollywood ski-bro norm.

The Music: The theme of this year’s Aspen Music Festival is “The New Romantics,” and the music director is Robert Spano — now in his third year. The storied Tony Bennett himself will appear June 28, and Rufus Wainwright will perform for one night only. The operas this year are “Carmen,”  “Eugene Onegin,” and “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” (June 26-August 17, 2014) 

BottleRock — Napa Valley

The Scene: After an huge start last year, BottleRock has settled down a bit, with a mellower lineup, seasoned promoters taking over, and — if locals get their wish — an atmosphere suited to Northern California’s wine country vibe. Speaking of wine country, at least 10 great producers will be pouring, and there will be a “restaurant garden” as well as a food truck area.

The Music: Outkast, The Cure, Eric Church, Weezer, TV on the Radio, LL Cool J with Z-Trip, The Fray, Matt and Kim, Heart, Deer Hunter, and about a dozen hit-makers of the Nineties. Supporting acts range stylistically from Irish bluegrass to experimental LA rock to accordion. (May 30-June 1, 2014) 

North by Northeast

Photo Credit: Phil Brennan/NXNE

NXNE (North by Northeast) — Toronto

The Scene: For all the people who sigh that SXSW is too much of a scene and isn’t about bands anymore, you should try the Canadian version. Now in its 20th year, it’s no small scene either, North by Northeast still brings in a solid line-up of under-the-radar and breaking artists — in addition to a couple chart-toppers. And it has also grown to have film, interactive and art components.

The Music: St. Vincent, and Spoon and Spiritualized are among the headliners this year. The rest of the lineup is split between artists known in Canada (but not yet globally, like Mac DeMarco and Tim Hecker) and buzz bands like Danny Brown (Detroit rap) and tUnE-yArDs (low-fi experimental pop).  (Dates: June 13-22, 2014) 

Rochester Lilac Festival — Rochester

The Scene: People in Western New York know it’s truly spring when Rochester’s lilacs are in full-blooming glory. Rochester’s nickname is The Flower City and at this festival, they’re the center of attention. Other program highlights include a music fest, fun run, parade, art fair, and Big Rib BBQ & Blues Fest (a festival-within-a-festival).  

The Music: Eddie Money, Rusted Root, the Original Wailers and the Skycoasters are among those to headline a night of the eight-day festival. Big Rib recently announced headliners Robert Randolph & the Family Band, the James Hunter Six, and Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens. (May 9-18, 2014) 

 Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo

Photo Courtesy of Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo

Sweetgrass Music Festival — Charleston

The Scene: Only in its second year, this Charleston festival is one to hit if you like authentic bluegrass, a casual family-friendly vibe, and a relaxed stage where musicians can try out new band line-ups and interact with the attendees. The Sweetgrass Music Festival’s location, across from Charleston Harbor, promises gorgeous sunsets and breezy temperatures.

The Music: Headliners include Lonesome River Band, Nothin’ Fancy, and IIIrd Tyme Out (fronted by Russell More, five-time International Bluegrass Music Association Male Vocalist of the Year). A free mandolin workshop will be led by Grammy nominee Alan Bibey on Saturday. (May 2-3, 2014) 

Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo — New Orleans

The Scene: This free festival on the Bayou St. John has three stages, an artists’ market, and awesome street-fair food. Special events include a bicycle pub crawl and “rubber ducky derby.” One stage is just for kid’s entertainment, while the others feature a lot of local bands. This annual event started nine years ago as a Hurricane Katrina fundraiser and continues to be all about supporting community, heritage, and art.

The Music: The Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo is full of Zydeco, hip-hop/soul, funk, jazz fusion, and more music made for dancing. (May 16-18, 2014)  

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Mary Katrantzou & Adidas Team Up for the First Women-Focused Collaboration Since Stella McCartney

Mary Katrantzou & Adidas Team Up for the First Women-Focused Collaboration Since Stella McCartney

Mary Katrantzou

Photo Courtesy of Mary Katrantzou

Apparently fashion and athletics are new BFFs. Riccardo Tisci x Nike, Raf Simons x Adidas, Puma Black Label with Alexander McQueen—there seems to be an ongoing obsession between sports and style. Well, get ready for another collaboration. Announced today, London-based designer Mary Katrantzou is going to be creating a capsule collection of footwear and athletic apparel for Adidas Originals. Scheduled for a long term partnership, Katrantzou will be focusing on womenswear and will bring her unique eye for colors, prints and designs to luxury activewear that has a better chance ending up on a streetstyle blog than in a gym.

The first women-focused collaboration since Stella McCartney, Katrantzou seems thrilled about the venture. “I’m really excited to be working with Adidas on a line of apparel and footwear,” Katrantzou told UK Vogue. “I grew up, like so many other kids around the world, wearing Adidas sneakers and I’m really excited about bringing my vision to such a global brand. They have a fantastic heritage and their ability to innovate in sportswear makes them the perfect partner for us to work with in this market.”

“The collaboration between Adidas and Mary Katrantzou merges the exceptional talent of one of the most interesting designers of today and a company that embraces many different cultures from sports, pop, music and fashion,” Dirk Schoenberger, global creative director of Adidas’ sport style division, told UK Vogue. “I admire Mary’s extraordinary sense of printing techniques, colors and silhouette that will bring another amazing new aesthetic to the Adidas Originals women’s collection.” The collection isn’t slated for release until November, which means we know exactly what we’re putting on our Christmas list this year. 

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Netflix Asks Appellate Court to Reconsider ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Ruling

Netflix Asks Appellate Court to Reconsider ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Ruling

Image muslims_a.jpgNetflix Asks Appellate Court to Reconsider ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Ruling – Hollywood Reporter

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Oscar Pistorius trial: Sprinter grilled on moments before shooting

Oscar Pistorius trial: Sprinter grilled on moments before shooting

The prosecution in Oscar Pistorius’s murder trial in Pretoria accused him today of tailoring his testimony and using his emotional state to hide frustration at an “improbable” version of events from the night his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, was killed.Pistorius broke down several times during his testimony. The star runner stood by his story that the Feb. 14, 2013, shooting was accidental, but said “I blame myself for taking Reeva’s life.”Gerrie Nel, chief prosecutor, opened the fourth day of cross-examination by alleging that Pistorius had “concocted” his account of the shooting.On mobile? Watch the court proceedings LIVE here
5 key questions about the Pistorius trial as defence begins
“You’re tailoring your version as you’re sitting there,” Nel said. Later, he accused Pistorius of being a stickler for detail on some matters, in contrast to his frequent statements on the witness stand that he could not remember aspects of his testimony.Pistorius stood by his defence that he thought there was an intruder in the house. After a long pause after the question, he said he screamed, using an expletive, for the purported intruder to get out of his house.”I was terrified,” Pistorius said when asked about the moments before the shooting.As he testified, Pistorius began to wail and Judge Thokozile Masipa called an adjournment.Nel — who has been nicknamed “pitbull” by local media — resumed attacking Pistorius’s account of the shooting after the adjournment.Nel asked Pistorius about how he approached the door and how he held his gun. Pistorius said in the moments before he fired, he was leaning against the wall, trying to keep his balance on the slippery floor. He held the gun out in front of him, but Pistorius refused to say he was aiming the gun.“I was trying to stay put, so I could make sense of the situation,” Pistorius said.He said he fired when the door appeared to move and he thought someone was going to come out and attack him.“I didn’t have time to think,” Pistorius said.Nel argued forcefully against that notion, claiming Pistorius was thinking as he approached the door. Nel said Pistorius knew who he was firing at.“It’s not true,” Pistorius wimpered.“Why are you getting emotional now?” Nel said, launching into his version of events again before being cut off by Pistorius.“I did not fire at Reeva,” Pistorius said, his voice raising into a wail.Nel moved for court to adjourn immediately after that, as Pistorius was too emotional to continue with questioning.During a final session of questioning, Nel attacked Pistorius’s actions after the athlete fired four shots into the toilet door. Pistorius said his ears were ringing from the gunfire as he went back into the bedroom to look for Steenkamp. When he didn’t find her on the bed, or hiding behind curtains, Pistorius said he immediately feared she was in the toilet.Nel called that “improbable,” and asked Pistorius repeatedly why he didn’t think Steenkamp could have fled from the bedroom altogether. Checking the bathroom when there could have still been an intruder in there, Nel argued, wasn’t normal.”Nothing was normal about that night,” Pistorius responded.Pistorius began crying again as he described approaching the toilet for a second time, his gun still cocked, with the concern Steenkamp was inside.“Why are you getting emotional now?” Nel asked.”You’re getting frustrated because your version is improbable … you’re not using your emotional state as an escape, are you Mr. Pistorius?”Monday is Pistorius’s fourth day being cross-examined by Nel, who has questioned the athlete about his ego and accused him of “adapting” his story.Pistorius is the defence’s second witness. The defence is expected to call more than a dozen witnesses.Masipa alone will determine Pistorius’s fate as South Africa does not have trial by jury.If convicted of premeditated murder, Pistorius faces 25 years to life in prison.INTERACTIVE | The state vs. Pistorius: how the accounts differ
ANALYSIS | Oscar Pistorius under the microscope
Timeline: Oscar Pistorius

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