10 make up trends for summer 2017

10 make up trends for summer 2017

A new season means a new beauty, but what are the trends to know now? The makeup trends for 2017 are a tale of two extremes: either a bit of artistically applied makeup, or piles and piles of glitter and glitter. Here are a few favorite fashion week looks that work in real life and are designed for the hot months;

1. The relaxed red lip×337.jpg

Summer is not the moment for an exaggerated face. Just as your warming closet changes, just as your makeup needs to change. A red lip is always in style (and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong). But the way to wear it in 2017 is without makeup. Clean, fresh skin, feathery eyebrows, minimal eye makeup and a striking red lip are a safe combination.

2. Soft Blush

About living this low maintenance life this summer, consider minimalism. Bare, but using the same product on several parts of your face. Prepare your brushes for redness, you’ll need it in 2017. Whether applied with a heavy hand and a wink or subtly blended from the cheek to the temple, blushing is supposed to be seen. Leave the subtlety at the door.

3. Make-up with silver or gold metallic

Metals are still trendy, but by 2017 we expect them to do so much more delicate. Sweep the silver shadow through the lids, or a touch of gold highlight along the cheekbones. No more no less.

4. Shiny eyelids

When the weather makes it more enjoyable to venture, there is a good chance of going out every night. There is more than one way to shine, and that does not require highlighter or glitter. The brilliant eyelids, a long part of the composition of editorial shoots, are now usable. You can buy special eye glitter from brands like M.A.C. And Kevyn Aucoin, or, you can just sweep a little shine on your favorite shadow to get a similar effect.

5. Clean skin

The look “without makeup” is not exactly new behind the scenes, but it should not be denied that there is still a moment. With Kim Kardashian-West who wore no makeup on the Balenciaga front line and Alicia Keys who continued to discourage cosmetics completely, the makeup-free look was on the full display on the parade. At Isabel Marant, Michael Kors and Proenza Schouler’s makeup were used only to cover brands or imperfections, and only the most subtle adjustments were made to Marni, Band of Outsiders, Antonio Berardi and Vera Wang.

6. Subtle Smokey Eye Makeup

A Smokey eye is a true classic, and if all were seeing this season as that of traditional Smokey eyes, then maybe it wouldn’t count as one of the summer 2017 makeup trends. However, the Smokey eyes of this summer season are light, subtle, and mostly kept around the lash line, the kind of Smokey eye hastily drawn on in the car, to bring a day look to night when heading to the bar straight from the office.

7. Blue Eye shadow

I’ll be honest here this is probably my least favorite of the summer 2017 makeup trends. For years high fashion makeup artists are trying to make blue eye shadow happen, and every year I hope they fail because blue eye shadow is just so hard to pull off. However, if your skin is perfectly neutral, and your blending skills are flawless, by all means give this trend a try. You can also apply a clean stripe of royal blue along the eye creases in a solid line.

8. Sweep bronzer

A sweep bronzer over the check and eyes will recreate a perfect look this summer 2017. There are two main types of bronzer: powder or liquid. Powder bronzers work well with oily, combination and normal skin and are easy to apply, Liquid bronzers are great on dry or normal skin or to add a bit more illumination to face and are great for emphasizing cheekbones. Choosing the right color for skin tone is important as well. Choose a shade or two darker than the natural skin tone and gradually build up the amount of bronzer to get a darker color.

9. Frosted Eyeshadows×600.jpg

Many of the summer 2017 makeup trends are all about texture rather than color, and this season one of the predominant eyeshadow finishes is the frosty jewel tone. Hopefully, this officially signals the death of the matte eye, and brings back much needed shine, luxury, and radiance.

10. Nice-Highlighted Inner Corners

One of the benefits of the natural beauty trends of summer 2017 is that little touches of glamour here and there really stand out. That is one of the reasons why highlighted inner corners of the eye are likely one of the most luxurious makeup trends of the season.

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