5 Tips for Growing Out Your Hair

Long, luscious locks are popular today. You can do just about anything with long hair; from sleek and straight to boho and braided, the options are practically endless. But you have short hair, making it almost impossible to do the hairstyles you really want.

how to grow your hair

Growing out your hair can seem like an endless battle, but with a few helpful and healthy tips, you can easily – and quickly! – grow your hair out!

Check Your Diet: Eating the right foods is important not only for you physically, but for growing out your hair as well. If you want long locks, try taking in more fatty acids, protein, and minerals. Also, biotin supplements are fabulous for getting your hair to grow strong, quickly. Biotin is also great for your skin and nails, giving you an all-around healthy radiance and enhancing your natural beauty. Some foods you could eat on a more regular basis include any kinds of leafy greens (especially spinach!) as well as nuts and seeds. Between greater intakes of fatty acids, biotin supplements, and eating healthy, you’ll be amazed at how fast your hair can, and will, grow!

Daily Scalp Massage: Massaging your scalp every time you wash your hair helps to enhance the circulation, therefore helping your hair to grow. With a daily scalp massage, your scalp, hair, and head will feel a whole lot better!

Styling Options: If you’re in that awkward “growing it out” stage and you’re reaching the limits of frustration, don’t stress! There are great tips for getting your hair to look great even during those awful, awkward mid-stages!

o If your hair is just long enough, put it in a simple braid. Even if it’s short, you can braid your bangs, giving you a sweet halo hair style, effectively taking away the appearance of pure awkwardness.
o Pin your bangs back behind your ears. This will keep the annoying strands of hair from getting in your eyes. If you pin them up, it also gives you several different styling options as well. From a little poof to braided bangs, you can dress your looks up, going casual or chic with ease.
o Hair extensions are the greatest invention since… well, ever. Hair extensions give you a free pass on the awkward hair length stage.

grow your hair

Growing your hair out doesn’t have to be an exasperating headache, nor does it have to be impossible. With the right supplements, vitamins, and foods, your hair will grow faster, longer, and healthier. The point is to make sure that you grow your hair out in a healthy way. Healthy hair is beautiful hair! Also remember… the awkward stage doesn’t last forever! With a couple bobby pins, you can work miracles with your locks!

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