A Collection of Fabulous ’15 Fashions: Part 1

Well, we can officially bid au revoir to 2015 as January takes over. 2015 has seen a fabulous collection of hair fashions and makeup trends that are simply stunning, aw-invoking, and bold. In memory of a fabulous year past, let us take a glance at some of the most popular, most fabulous and stunning styles we’ve seen!

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Hair Trends:

2015 took simplicity to a whole new level. Instead of your extravagant hairdos and time consuming styles, you see a preference for the doable. Here are a few fabulous hairstyles that were the most popular in 2015.

  • Pretty Pony’s: Ponytails are seriously the easiest hair trend out there. With a nice band and maybe even a simple hair piece, you can turn a relatively boring hairdo in a rather fantastic and elegant style. For example, take Michael Kors models into consideration. Messy, low, and just right. A twist on a stay-at-home style. Or, for a more slick appeal, take Carolina Herrera’s models. With a gorgeous, silver wrap to a low and slicked back pony tail, you could wear this with any fashionable and fancy ensemble.
    • Fancy That: For a fancier, more exotic twist to the relatively simple pony tail, twist the top. Gather your hair into two sections, left and right. Twist both sections, starting from the top, and twist it back. When both sides are twisted to the nape of your neck, gather your hair together and wrap it with a simple band. Different, gorgeous, and eye snatching.
  • Side Swept and Sensual: Instead of parting your locks down the middle, opt for a more exaggerated part. Separate your locks to the far side of your head, giving you a look of having bangs… when you want them!
    • Fancy That: For a more exaggerated look, keep your hair smooth and combed, with maybe a hint of a wave for a more precise and exaggerated appeal.
  • Twisted with Time: When you think twist or bun, you think perfect and precise, a sock bun for example. Every hair in place, the bun just right. But 2015 took a different take with the twist. For example, take the models for Diane von Furstenberg. Their hair is twisted at the nape of their neck, with pieces of hair loose and free. Or, for something a little more lax, a little more exaggerated, take the Victoria Beckham models and opt to keep 4-6 inches of your ends out of the bun, letting them hang loose.
    • Fancy That: For a little more of a fancier twist, add a fancier pin for a bit of an “oomph”. Take Sam McKnight for example, on all of his models he added a gorgeous Chanel pin to the side of their French twists for a bit of a flair. It’s both eye catching and simple.
  • Cute and Curly: For those of you who love to keep your locks down and natural, the beach wave, or loose wave, is what 2015 embraced the most. It’s a fantastic style that’s easy to replicate and incredibly popular with everyone.
    • Fancy That: For a more “wowing” affect, opt for parting your wavy hair straight down the middle. It adds a bit of a flair and a bit of sensual strength to your looks.

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    Here at Salon Deauville, our stylists are simply superb and can easily recreate and show you how to get your hair just right. 2015 left us with more than just fancy hairstyles, but also with gorgeous makeup styles. To see more of last year’s fancies, take a look at our next blog post!

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