A Collection of Fabulous ’15 Fashions: Part 2

We’ve taken a look at some of the most exquisite and simple hairstyles 2015 had to offer. From simple ponytails to gorgeous and complementing beach waves, hairstyles have taken a fancy to simplicity and ease. Same with makeup trends of 2015. Now that we’ve seen a few of the many hairstyles, let’s take a look at some of the more popular makeup trends 2015 had to offer.

Exquisite Eyes:

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When it comes to your eyes, for the most part you want those to be your focal point. And 2015 took no exceptions. With incredible eyeliner ideas and eyeshadow hues, your eyes were bound to pop and attract! Here are just a few of the more popular trends!
  • Eyeliner: When it comes to eyeliner, think bold, straight lines that are dark and dramatic. The cat eye has taken a new turn for the dramatic as the lines become thicker and longer. Heavier lines create a more extravagant appeal, drawing the most attention.
  • Eyeshadow: For eyeshadows, more natural colors were embraced in a simplistic yet bold sort of way. With lots of blending, the bold colors were fused together in soft and yet stately way. Whether you choose bold blacks and browns or shimmery golds and bronzes, the colors are both stately, natural, and give a “punch” to your appearance.
  • Lashes: When it comes to your lashes, you want them to look thicker, longer, and natural. With just the right mascara, like the brands offered here at Salon Deauville, you can give your lashes the soft, fluttery length that everyone envies. Mascara gives you a completed look, giving your eyes a finished sensation.
    • Fancy That: For a completed and bold eye ensemble, opt for thicker lines of a cat eye, a soft and natural eyeshadow, and a few to several swipes of quality mascara. Your eyes will look bold and beautiful.

Luscious Lips:

If it’s not the eyes, than it’s the lips that you desire to extract the attention of those who gaze upon you. Bold colors have taken the most popular attention on the lips, making a statement not easy to ignore. Here are just a few of the bolder (and even more natural!) colors that have taken center stage for lip appeal.

  • Rendezvous with Red: Taylor swift, Fergie, Julianne Moore, and Blake Lively are just a few of the actresses who have rocked red lips. Red lips paired with a soft eye look absolutely exquisite, no matter what the occasion. With red lips, anything is possible!
  • Purple with Passion: Believe it or not, dark hues of purple on the lips seems to be a trend embraced by the truly bold ladies, and for good reason. This color looks absolutely exquisite on certain skin tones, giving you a pop of fabulous color that enhances, appeals, and makes your lips look fancy and fabulous.
  • Peachy Perfection: For something a little more, or shall we say, a little less extravagant, opt for a more skin colored hue such as peach. Peach is such a warm and sweet color, that it compliments your look quite well.

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Here at Salon Deauville, our salon stylists are here to help you learn and show you how to look Red-Carpet ready. With classes and skilled beauticians, you can be guaranteed that a visit to our salon will be one of your best “new year’s resolutions” you’ve accomplished! If you’re interested in visiting our salon or booking an appointment, make sure to give us a call and stop on by!

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