AntidotPro Scalp Treatment Kit – A Full Spectrum Scalp Solution

Most of us keep quiet about scalp issues. It’s embarrassing, right? A dry, itchy scalp can produce unsightly flakes–never a good look. And it can be chronic, lasting years, sometimes a lifetime.

And if you’re like me, you tried a million and one “solutions” that never really worked, costing time and money. What’s worse is that some shampoos actually dried out my scalp even further or made my hair feel crispy and overworked.

But Canada-based AntidotPro Scalp Treatment Kit gets you off the treadmill, addressing a sensitive or inflamed scalp on several levels, all the while using natural, nutritive ingredients.

How ANTIDOTPRO SCALP TREATMENT KIT restores a healthy scalp.


ANTIDOTPRO SCALP TREATMENT KIT is a 3-part system designed to work synergistically to restore the integrity of the scalp, while protecting both scalp and hair from environmental stressors, and at the same time promote healthy hair.

This one-of-a-kind scalp treatment kit is for anyone who has a sensitive, flaky, dry, compromised scalp or received an in-salon chemical process/hair coloring resulting in itching, stinging, burning, redness or if you experience other discomforts associated with finishing products, or environmental stressors.

  • AntidotPro scalp treatment kit contents:
  • AntidotPro Cleanse
  • AntidotPro Revitalize
  • AntidotPro Treatment

Each product in the kit works to restore your scalp naturally and gently. If you frequently have your hair colored, this is also a perfect solution. Hair color can exacerbate sensitive scalps and AntidotPro works to soothe and protect.

Remember: it’s not just the health of your hair that matters; it’s the health of your scalp too! When it’s unhealthy and not treated properly, embarrassing problems are an end result. You don’t have to quietly endure scalp issues anymore. There are smart, cutting-edge solutions based on a multi-prong approach. Drop by our salon for more information.


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