Are You Insane Enough to Try This Workout?

Are You Insane Enough to Try This Workout?

Living a healthy lifestyle is all the rage today but is there really a fun way to achieve this goal besides eating salads and walking on treadmills for hours on end? If that doesn’t exactly sound appealing to you (me either), then put your body to a 60-day total body workout test with Insanity.

I first started the workout just a few weeks before Christmas, which in and of itself was probably insane. I do admit that I did slip off the program for a few days during that time period but I also have to confess that I actually enjoyed this workout. Finding a workout regimen that doesn’t become so “routine” was just what I was looking for so when I came across the Insanity workout, which promised to transform my body from “regular to ripped” in just 60 days, I was intrigued.

Are You Insane Enough to Try This Workout?
Fitness guru Shaun T really gets you going, both physically and mentally, challenging you to push yourself to your own personal physical limits. Just when you think you can’t do one more exercise, you will hear his encouraging voice from the TV saying, “You can do it.”

The first video is a 30-minute fit test, which, if you are anything like me, will have you huffing and puffing, but enjoying each nonstop set of strength, resistance, power and core training moves. The best part about the workout is that it does not require any weights or equipment. If you have a television, simply pop in the DVD and you are ready for a crazy workout.

From here, you will progress onto a 40-minute intense lower body cardio workout video which is designed to burn some serious fat. These workouts are definitely tough, but the end result is really worth it so be sure to stick with it — even when it becomes difficult, which it certainly does.

Are You Insane Enough to Try This Workout?
The next round of videos focus on intense cardio workouts; but believe it or not, you will become quickly addicted to knowing that you can do it after you complete just one video. I also noticed increased levels of strength, endurance and energy sustained throughout the day, increasing throughout the entire program as well.

Some videos follow workout regimens that become routine after just a few short days. The Insanity videos can run from 33 minutes one day to 55 minutes the next to alternate the length of strength-training and power moves. The second month starts off easy with just 37 minutes (you’re used to it by now) and then kicks things up a notch with an extreme85-minute nonstop cardio set, one of the hardest circuit training videos I have ever done. You can also keep track of your workout with the two-month calendar that allows you to track your progress.

The Insanity video will push you to your limits and just when you may think about quitting, you somehow will must up the strength and courage to come back for more. If you are looking to just drop a few pounds, there really is no easier way to do it; and if you are looking to simply tone up, there is truly not a more fun way to get into the best shape of your life.

Instructor Shaun T has danced alongside some of today’s top-selling artists including Mariah Carey, Aaron and Nick Carter, and Elephant Man and has also worked with many companies, including Boost Athletic Shoes, the Los Angeles Lakers, Nike, Marc Jacobs, and Radio Shack. For more information on the Insanity workout, visit

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