Beards and faces: learn how to choose the best for you

Beards and faces: learn how to choose the best for you

Men who steal glances know how to style their beards and faces, no doubt about it. In fact, a person’s attractiveness is often measured first by his facial grooming. In this regard, many men opt to grow their beards and groom them in ways that flatter their natural attributes.

However, if you plan to let your beard grow, be very careful! While a clean-shaven face can radically change your appearance, a poorly groomed beard will do just the opposite. So, if you don’t want to look older or have a disproportionate face, don’t go for just any cut or product.

Therefore, finding the right style for your bone structure is ideal. But how do you know? If you want to renew your image, then stay here! As Salon Deauville, the most prestigious beauty salon in Montreal, we will explain everything you need to know about beards and faces so you can choose the best. Let’s get started!

Square or round face, find yours!

Before knowing how to style a beard, the first thing to do is to recognize your face type. To do this, you will need to measure yourself with a tape or ask a professional stylist to find out the proportions of your forehead, jaw, chin and cheekbones.

This way, you will be able to pigeonhole yourself into an aesthetic category to work properly on your facial hair. In this regard, there are different face types that will determine your style depending on the length or width of your face. The face types are:

  • Round face (the width of the jaw and forehead have similar measurements, as well as the length of the cheekbones. The angles are soft and less defined).
  • Oval face (the length of the face is longer. The forehead and jaw have similar measurements, but smaller than the cheekbones. The angles are curved).
  • Square face (all measurements are more or less similar. The angle of the jaw is sharp and pronounced).
  • Heart-shaped face (the forehead is longer than the cheekbones and the jaw. The chin is very pointed).
  • Rectangular face (the length of the face is longer. The forehead, cheekbones and jawline are similar in size).
  • Diamond face (the length of the face is prominent and the measurement descends from the cheekbones to the jawline. The chin is pointed).
  • Triangular face (the jawline is longer than the cheekbones and forehead).

Facial hair, do I have a thick or thin beard?

Facial hair, do I have a thick or thin beard?

Once you have determined your face type, now look at your facial hair growth. It is crucial that you know how to identify what type of hair your face has. This will not only help you when shaving your beard, but also for subsequent grooming and beauty care.

Depending on your genetics, the thickness of your hair and the composition of your follicles, you may have different types of beards:


Smooth beards

Smooth beards

Smooth hairs are the fastest growing and longest. This type of facial hair is finer and does not curl back on itself, so it gives an extended appearance. You may associate this type of beard with Vikings or wizards. To care for this type of beard, better use a comb instead of a brush. Also, a conditioner would not hurt to keep the hairs straight.


Wavy beards

Wavy beards

According to our salon experts, this facial growth is somewhere between straight and curly. The hairs of this type are slightly curved, giving them that wavy look. The difficult thing about this type of beard is that it tends to look asymmetrical if not shaved carefully. Our experts recommend that you use a toothed brush to detangle and balms to fix the hairs.


Curly beards

Curly beards

This is one of the most complicated beard shapes for many men. The hairs grow in a spiral shape and have considerable thickness, resulting in a full look. This type of beard requires more care to prevent the hairs from tangling or drying out. For this reason, the experts at Salon Deauville recommend using moisturizing oils and toothed brushes.


How to shape your beard correctly?

To highlight your facial features, you must find the style that best suits your anatomy. Therefore, with the previous knowledge of your face type and the care of your beard according to the kind of facial hair you have, achieving the goal of looking attractive will be easier for you.

Therefore, our experts at Salon Deauville have prepared this table with some of the most appropriate beard styles for different face types to help you make the best decision:

beard styles

Find the best beard specialists at Salon Deauville

Now that you know all about beards and faces, what are you waiting for to apply this information and choose what suits you best! If you want to wow in the mirror, remember to style your beard according to your face type. Also, taking care of your facial hair is essential and you can achieve it with the right products, from oils, brushes and shavers.

Growing a beard is a great idea if you want to refresh your appearance. You’ll even notice the benefits of a close shave anytime, anywhere. Of course, maintaining an aesthetic beard involves a lot of effort, trial and error until you find the perfect style for your face.

However, if you want to achieve an attractive look in a practical and uncomplicated way, Salon Deauville is your solution! With us you will find the most popular barbering services for men in Montreal, our professionals will do wonders for your beard, mustache and face!

By visiting our salon, your facial attributes will stand out like never before.

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