Beautiful Bobs: Bob Haircuts for Your Face Shape

One of the most popular hairstyles today is the bob, and for fantastic reasons. It’s super easy to maintain, it’s daring, fun and different, and it adds pizazz to your daily look. There are several different types of bob haircuts, so you have plenty of options to choose from. But, what looks best with your face shape? Is it the ever-so-popular pixie? Or is that jazzing a-symmetrical bob? Well, look no further because here’s a list of great bob haircuts for each face shape!


Bob Hairstyles

Oval Face Shapes:

You oval shaped beauties are truly blessed – just about any hairstyle and any haircut looks absolutely fantastic on you. Here’s a short list of some fabulous bobs that will look absolutely stunning on you!

  • Beautiful & Bold: This bob is more than just a bob – it’s a super short haircut the length of a Pixie cut, just smooth and natural looking. For you ladies with an oval face like Michelle Williams, this gorgeous hair cut really draws attention to your eyes, your facial bone structure, and your lips.
  • Short & Long: This is another great style taken from the gorgeous Miss Emma Watson. Keeping your hair short at the nape of your neck, yet allowing the top layers of your hair to grow long, you can do a lot with this style.


Round Face Shapes:

Elongation is key for those of you with a rounder face. If you want to go short, then go for a style that helps make your face look a little longer. Here are some of those great styles:

  • Textured Tease: A lot of texture adds depth, drama, and length to your facial structure. When you have your hair textured, it really helps to elongate your features, accentuating your best features.
  • Long, Luscious Bob: If you want short, but not quite as dramatic as Michelle Williams, than opt for a longer cut like Oliva Munn’s hair style. Her hair barely kisses her shoulders, giving her a short hairdo, yet long bob that looks fantastic for any occasion.

Square Face Shapes:

Usually with a square face, women lean more towards longer hairstyles, but if you want to break free from the cultural hairstyle norms, than definitely go for a bob!

  • Le Lob: It’s long, it’s straight, it’s bold, and it’s beautiful. Take it from Keira Knightley as she lops off her long locks and dons this gorgeous lob. This works because of its wispy appeal, which helps to soften dramatic square features.


Triangular Face Shapes:

Be careful not to draw too much attention to your wide forehead and pointed jaw – opt for a hairstyle like Rachel Taylor that’s both dramatic yet complimentary. The pointed tips of her hair draw a little attention to her jawline, making her style more appealing and eye catching.

  • Off Center: If you want a short haircut, than style your bangs to go across your forehead, angling your part to the far side, rather than in the middle.

Heart Shaped Face:

The most popular haircut for a heart shaped face is the Pixie cut. A pixie cut adds length, dimension, and style, giving you everything you’re after in a hair style.

  • Pixie Perfection: Like Carey Mulligan, her pixie hairstyle not only makes her look absolutely adorable, but it also helps to accentuate her best features while maintaining a “low profile” for her shorter shaped face.

If you want to take that daring next step for your hairstyle, than make sure to come and visit one of our fantastic hairstylists here at Salon Deauville! If you want to look Red-Carpet ready, than make an appointment on our website, CLICK HERE!

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