Beauty Spa and it’s Benefits


With the holidays approaching, never-ending shopping to finish, crummy weather, and those year-end books to close at work, it’s a better time than ever to take a time-out!

Now between taking care of the kids, your spouse, and the house, you probably already have plenty of reasons to want to pamper yourself with a spa day.  It’s crucial to take a break in your busy schedule to unplug and recharge, and a day at a beauty spa is the perfect way to rejuvenate.

Investing a few hours at the beauty spa with Professional Aestheticians offers so many advantages, that if you don’t already have enough reasons to take care of yourself, you will after reading what this can do for your body, mind, and soul.


A leading cause of illness and burnout in North American society, stress is something we are all too familiar with.  Physical symptoms include headaches, muscle soreness, anxiety, irritability, and loss of appetite, among other negative effects on physical and mental health.  Stress management is an important skill to master, and meditation and massage at a local spa are proven to zap your stress.


Taking care of oneself gives them renewed optimism and a more positive attitude.  Happier emotions change the way our minds and our bodies work —down to our cells— transforming our outlook on life and ability to confront obstacles.  After recharging our batteries, we all feel energized and ready to conquer anything.  The spa is a great place to reflect on daily life and channel our instincts for rediscovery, health, and healing.  Investing a day pampering oneself at the spa will help reduce stress, soothe the body, and invigorate the mind.  Improve your health, both mental and physical, by taking a day out to pamper yourself.


Nail technicians cut, sculpt, file, and apply lotions and creams to rehydrate and nourish the skin and cuticles.  This helps avoid breakage of long fingernails, and maintain a younger look over time.

Manicures and pedicures promote a youthful appearance for hands and feet by eliminating dead skin and ingrown nails.


At the top of my list of ways to pamper oneself, facials renew the skin to provide a healthy youthful glow.  These treatments are usually comprised of exfoliation, a deep cleanse, various restorative products, and a gentle massage near the end.  Aside from being intensely relaxing, facials assist in diminishing the effects of aging, and prevent acne breakouts.


The massage is always at the top of the list when contemplating a day at the beauty spa, as the body does not have many natural ways of releasing the inevitable daily tension in its muscles.

For those who suffer from poor posture, or a strenuous work environment, a good massage will alleviate some of the pain.  Massage can also assist with headaches, anxiety, joint pain, digestive disorders, and sports/athletic injuries.


Massage also enables the body to release harmful toxins.  Full-body detox scrubs and treatments as well as facials rid the skin of impurities.  To do this, a variety of cleansers, scrubs, and steam is used to soften the skin’s surface.

Many spa treatments include a combination of a deep cleanse and moisturizers coupled with massage and heat.  Purifying the body through detoxification helps boost the immune system and leads to healthier living.

And to take it one step further…

But a day of pampering isn’t only for women.  Men should take the initiative of going to spas to be pampered and relaxed too.  After all, they work hard and don’t have any better daily relaxation techniques than their wives or girlfriends.  For those men who do want to try it out, better to go to a bathhouse for men so that they can genuinely experience a fantastic journey of invigoration and rejuvenation. 

The benefits for him

There are many health benefits that accompany the pampering you will receive from a visit to the spa.  Aside from being able to rest and relax, your overall health will bear witness to improvements too.

One area, as essential as anything we do as humans, which frequently gets overlooked in any list of healing habits: bathing. More specifically the act of total cleansing, by soaking and renewing the skin in the bath. There exists a type of treatment at bath houses for men called “Platza”.  This is a technique where the gentlemen’s bodies are gently brushed with Venik (oak tree leaves) while lying on the upper level inside of a sauna.  The next step is cold water being splashed on him, or even dipping himself inside a pool of cold water.  The process is like a shampoo treatment, where you must “lather, rinse, and repeat” more than once.  Just this type of technique alone offers multiple benefits, including the following:

  • Cardio-vascular (blood circulation is enhanced, working the heart up to something resembling a light cardio training)
  • Moderate Exfoliation (from an enzyme secreted by the leaves and the friction applied during the brushing)
  • Curing Hangovers (leftover alcohol leaves the body through open pores, during the detoxification)
  • Detox (the cold water and oak leaves provoke an exit of the toxins from the body, as well as a relaxation effect from the aromas involved))

Time spent at the spa is a great source of relaxation and provides a lot of secondary benefits to the body: chill out, relax, recharge, reflect, detox and re-energize.  Therefore regular sessions (even multiple times per week) would be ideal for optimal results.  Experimenting with different kinds of treatments allows the customer to decide which ones are best for them, as well as to enjoy the various different benefits.  Once they determine the right mix of techniques and types of services offered, it can be a life-altering experience.

man at the spa


For a consultation and guidance on what types of spa services are right for you, call 514-735-4432 today.  One of our experienced professionals will be happy to help select the right combination of services and book the earliest possible beauty spa appointment to fit your schedule.

Claudia Iacono, owner of Salon Deauville, welcomes you!

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