Benefits of a Fabulous Facial

Christmas is coming up right around the corner, and you’re searching and shopping for the best gift – luckily, here at Salon Deauville we have the perfect gift for anyone! Facials are not only incredibly enjoyable, but they’re also beneficial for many different reasons, ranging from emotional to cleansing benefits. From enjoying a soothing facial massage to getting your skin back to looking its pristine prime, your gift will be enjoyed and appreciated by any and every one!

benefits of facial

Benefits of a Massage: Ever wondered why a facial is so popular amongst both men and women? Well, not only does a facial feel fantastic, whisking you away to a world of soothing tunes, delicious scents, relaxation, and perfect skin, but it also has several health benefits. Here’s a list of some of the benefits of a facial!

  • Cleansing: A facial not only feels good, but it also helps to cleanse your skin. A facial:
    • Removes dead skin and dirt: With the products used here at Salon Deauville, the aestheticians are able to remove dead skin, dirt, and oil.
    • Deep cleans pores: Again, the high quality products used here at Salon Deauville permeate deeply in your skin, reviving, rejuvenating, and cleansing your pores.
    • Helps with Acne: Because the products are getting deep into your pores and removing excess oil and dirt, getting a facial will greatly help those with acne.
    • Tightens and Firms Skin: A facial will help to tighten your skin, giving you a healthier, younger glow.
  • Increases Circulation: With a facial, the blood flow to your face will increase, giving you a healthier, brighter glow. This also helps to enhance your youthful beauty, making you look younger! With a reduction of wrinkles and dry skin you’ll be looking – and feeling! – a million times better.
  • Emotional Benefits: Imagine yourself reclining on a soft bed, the room permeated with delicious scents, and your skin being massaged and cleansed as you fall into a relaxed state. Getting a facial not only improves you physically, but it also helps to improve your emotional state as well. You’re effectively taking yourself away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and taking a moment to restart, relax, and rejuvenate. It’s the best “medicine” for a stressful day or week!
  • Anti-Aging: We’ve already touched base a little bit with the anti-aging benefits of getting a facial, but again, getting a facial will slow your skins aging process, plump your skin, and removes damaged skin cells, giving you a healthier glow. With a facial, you’ll be turning back the fingers of time, taking your skin back to its healthier years!

spa facial benefits

With all the benefits of a facial, such as anti-aging, cleansing, and emotional, it’s no wonder so many women – and even men! – get a facial. This Christmas, gift your beloved with a fantastic gift of a superb facial! Here at Salon Deauville, our talented aestheticians will help your skin look its absolute best while taking you to a state of absolute peace and tranquility!


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