Best Hair Care Products: The Beauty of Kerasilk

Winter is upon us, and with this cool season comes snow, hot coffee, warm fires, and dry hair. Even though this season brings tidings and joy, snow and coco, it also brings damaging dryness to your tresses. Your main goal during the cooler months is to keep your locks hydrated, healthy, shimmering, and gorgeous, and Kerasilk is here to help.

Kerasilk is a top-of-the-line, affordable hair care line that provides ultimate hydration to your hair. No matter what your hair care needs may be, whether you’re battling frizz or dry and damaged hair, there’s a cure with Kerasilk. Here at Salon Deauville, we offer an array of different Kerasilk products, so let’s go ahead and take a look at what we have to offer!

Kerasilk hair care products

Kerasilk for the Shower:

We all wash our hair at least once a day, maybe once every other day depending on your hair type. Kerasilk offers an incredible line of hair wash, both shampoos and conditioners.

  • Rich Care Shampoo: This shampoo is endowed with silk proteins and wheat bran lipids, dousing your hair with healthy, hydrating oils that will get your hair back to that envious, silky, lustrous beauty that you love most.
  • Rich Care Treatment: This conditioner adds a boost of moisturizing oils that’s great for dry hair that’s porous or curly. It really gives your hair a soft, shiny, supple bounce and beauty.
  • Ultra-Rich Shampoo: This is an ideal shampoo for those of you with extremely dry and damaged hair. If you’re hair has been colored one too many times, or processed with relaxers or perms, than this shampoo will help to jump start your tresses with a boost of healthy moisturizers and oils.
  • Ultra-Rich Treatment: This, like the shampoo, is great for extremely dry and damaged hair, especially those who have processed and colored locks. It will give a boost of hydrating, revitalizing conditioner that will bring your hair back to life.

Leave-In Treatments:

After the shower, it’s important to protect your hair with good quality leave-in products. Kerasilk has just the right products for you.

  • Anti-Frizz Serum: What’s great about serum’s is you don’t have to use a ton to get your hair back to that gorgeous, manageable shine that you love and want. Just a few drops of this powerful, moisturizing serum, and your hair will be the envy of all the ladies! Not to mention, this is a great product for those of you who constantly use heated styling tools, such as straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons, as it helps to protect your mane from the damaging, high heat.
  • Instant Silk Fluid: Winter is queen for damaging hair, and this leave-in silk fluid will help battle that seemingly unbeatable damage. This silk provides unbelievable shine and silkiness to any type and style of hair, leaving you with that gorgeous mane you love. For those of you with split ends and frizzy locks, this is a must-have.

kerasilk products

Best Hair Care in Montreal

Kerasilk hair care products are some of the best products out there to help battle against dry, damaged, frizzy tresses. Winter time is beautiful, but it can also be very damaging to any type of hair, so make sure you protect your mane with the best products out there. Here at Salon Deauville, we only carry the best of the best, so make sure to stop by our store here in Montreal to pick up your hair protecting products!


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