Best Hair Colors: Sexiest Shades of Blonde for Fall/Winter

Usually when you think of fall/winter hair colors, you think deep reds or chocolate browns; you tend to think of soft, darker colors when the fall season arrives. If you have a tendency to be daring and take style to a sexier, more vivacious level, then you’ll definitely want to try blonde for fall! We’ll take a look at some of the sexiest Hollywood ladies and their gorgeous blonde manes, and you’ll see just how fabulous those hot blondes and dazzling platinum’s look for the cooler months ahead!

Hollywood’s Blondes:

When it comes to Hollywood, you can pretty much guarantee that anything and everything has been done, tried, and dyed when it comes to fashion and hair trends. Let’s take a look at some the hottest new blonde shades for fall!

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  • Sukie Waterhouse: This bombshell blonde actress, known for her role in the movie Insurgent, takes a gorgeous, natural blonde and makes it one of the hottest hair trends of the year. With her slightly darker roots fading at her tips to a shimmery gold hue, this color looks both natural and enviously gorgeous.
  • Taylor Swift: The all-time favorite artist of all women (and men!) who has stolen the hearts of millions, has also stolen the spot light for perfecting the dirty blonde. Taylor’s hair color is the definition of perfection as it grasps both blonde hues with a very slight touch of brunette, giving her tresses a kiss of lightened caramel delight.
  • Taylor Schilling: Famously known for her role in a hit new tv series, Orange is the New Black, Taylor’s buttery blonde hair is absolutely delectable. It’s not just blonde, and it’s not just gold, but it’s a perfect mixture of rich butter, laced with pops of shimmering white-blonde color. With her roots a shade or two darker, fading into that rich butter-blonde shade, it adds dimension and is incredibly natural looking.
  • Poppy Delevingne: This model’s hair color is nothing short of angelic. Her white blonde hair practically shimmers in the light, giving off a radiance that’s hard to miss. Her light, yet freckled, skin color really glows with her shimmery white locks. It’s not a color for everyone, so make sure your skin tone matches well before you attempt this angelically white hair color.
  • Gigi Hadid: This model really rocks the caramel blonde hair color with absolute perfection and finality. She was meant to be a caramel, as her glowing light skin tone melds perfectly with the rich hues of her mane. At the tip top of her head, her roots are a dark, rich, brunette-caramel, fading into a rich blonde, white-caramel color. Its’ richness is fairly decadent, and absolutely superb.

Montreal Hair Salon

Hollywood at its finest, these models, actresses, and artists fairly take the cake with these gorgeous blonde colors. Here at Salon Deauville, our incredibly talented stylists can help you achieve that rich caramel blonde, dazzling snow white color, or that natural but oh-so-sexy dirty blonde. If you’re interested in trying something new, a little dazzling, and slightly daring, than make sure you give us a call or visit our salon, located right in Montreal!

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When it comes to winter, you have to do a little shopping and a smidge of change to “stay with the times”. Instead of heavy makeup and exaggerated looks, try for winter wind kissed cheeks, soft and luscious lips, and shimmery eyes. Here at Salon Deauville, we have all the makeup and perfect colors you could want! Not only that, but we also offer makeup classes to show you just how to apply this makeup and with what tools. If you’re interested in the class or just taking a look at what makeup we have to offer, make sure to stop by and visit our shop here in Montreal!
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