Best Hair Salon Montreal: Fall Fashions for Your Tresses

Summer is taking a step back and letting Fall take center stage. With the new season making it’s debute here in just a few short months, it calls for new styles, new colors, and new tress trends from the best hair salon in Montreal! Well, if you’re looking for a hot new do for your mane, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a roundup of all the hottest hair fashions you definitely want to try!

best hair salon montreal

Best Fall Hair Colors:

With fall, you want your tresses to be a bit darker, warmer, and not quite as “sun kissed” as your summer style. So instead of your bleach-blonde looks and highlighted to the hilt look, let’s opt for some darker, warmer colors like these!

  • Scrumptiously Red: Red hair is seriously the hottest, warmest color this year. The greatest part? There are several different variations of red color, so you’re not stuck with just “red.” For example, a few great red colors include:
    • Chocolate covered cherry: Think deep, dark mahogany red. For a little spice and some sass, throw in some bright red highlights. Just make sure that the reds go together, and don’t clash.
    • Rusted Copper: Think Eva Mendes. Her copper tone is cool, not bright, natural yet fun. It’s the perfect fed for those of you with darker, honey skin tones.
  • Bronde: This is a really nice hair color that goes with pretty much any skin tone. It’s a mixture of both dark blonde and light brown. Think Gigi Hadid or Cara Delevingne. Their honey tones mixed with buttery blondes give a relatively bland color a pop of envious body and tone.
  • Chocolate: It’s a rich color of brown, giving your hair an envious touch of delicious flair. For color examples, think of Emilia Clarke or Lily James

Best Fall Hair Styles:

Every Season has a style, and for fall, we’re taking a gander at some revamped styles; think relaxed sophistication, messy perfection, and a twist with a twist.

  • Low Ponytails: When you think ponytail, usually you think mid-upper head with a volumized “bump.” But this fall, think low, sleek, and simple. Tie your hair into a simple ponytail or vamp it up with a little twist, tying your hair together at the nape of your neck. Keep your hair sleek, smooth, and shiny. For a little whim, take a few front strands and let them frame your face.
  • Parted Perfection: Deep parts are incredibly fashionable this year, and have been for a while. And for good reason. Only a select few can pull off the middle part without looking like an out-of-style, stuck-in-the-past lass. So, in order to keep up with the Red Carpet, opt for parting your hair to one side (the thicker side being your “better” side) and either give your hair a little oomph and a wave, or keep it sleek and straight.
  • A Twist on the Twist: Usually when you think of a twisted do, you think every strand in just the right place, nothing out of its pin, kind of perfection. Not this year. Instead, opt for a Victoria Beckham inspired twist. A nice, messy twist with the ends of your hair loose to one side. Perfectly messy. Beautifully classy.

hair salon montreal

Best Hair Salon Montreal

Now that we’ve taken a gander at some of the hottest new hair trends, make sure to come to Salon Deauville to try one of your dream do’s! Our stylists can easily recreate your dreamy masterpiece, giving your locks a vivacious update and an envious flair. If you’re interested in getting your locks to look tip top, than book an appointment with one of our stylists!

Salon Deauville Hair Salon Montreal
4048 Jean Talon Ouest,
Montréal, Québec H4P 1V5
Tel: (514) 735-4432

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