Best Manicure Montreal: 2015’s Hottest Manicure Trends

When it comes to your hands, people judge. Pure and simple. Whether your fingers are au naturale and clean, painted and perfected, or dirty and chewed, people tend to scoff, envy, or admire. Luckily, the year 2015 has brought in some pretty fabulous, super trendy, easy to copy and gorgeous nail trends that you can try. Even better? With nail technicians like ours here at Salon Deauville, you’ll be able to have run-way envy finger tips in no time at all! So here are a few fabulous manicure trends that are perfect for your style!

Best Nail Salon Montreal

Being the best nail salon in Montreal requires being up to date with the latest nail styles and trends. Our nail technicians will get you the look you want, and if you want some recommendations, they will tell you what would look good. That being said, below are some of the hottest nail trends of the year.

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Tipsy Turvy:

A lot of gals tend to paint only their tips; think French Manicure. But today, instead of those perfect, straight, sleek lines, a lot of ladies tend to go for a more imperfect perfection. Instead of straight lines, they “color outside the lines” a little, giving you a more edgy, sexy look. And any color will do, from bold and bodacious blues to soft hues of rose petal pinks and beautiful beiges.

  • Pop it up a notch: For a little bit of a bolder look, have a bit of sparkle added to your tips. If your tips are gray, go for a silver sparkle. If they’re a soft color, like a light pink, opt for a shimmering gold.

Half Moons:

This is a totally different look, and quite fabulous. Instead of your tips being painted a bold color, have the “half moons” of your fingers painted instead. Leave your tips a natural color to give those moons all the attention.

  • Pop It Up a Notch: To give your fingers a little pizazz, opt for a color that really draws attention to your fingertips but is more of a neutral, like a summery peach or a soft pink.

Lady in White:

A classy, clean white nail polish always looks, well, classy and clean. Although it’s not a bold color, a full white nail really draws attention to your fingertips, without clashing with your attire. White goes with everything, so no matter what ensemble you choose, a white nail polish will polish you off.

  • Pop It Up A Notch: To break up all that white, opt for a single, thin gold line on the upper-middle of your fingertips. Not your finger tip, and not directly in the middle, but a little above. This gives your fingertips a little definition without going overboard. This is where simplicity takes the cake.

Brave & Bold:

If you want your nails to be the definition of bold, the centerpiece of your outfit, or an attention seeking accent piece, then opt for a bold nail design. Whether you want the bold design on one finger (usually your ring fingers) or all 5, go for something wild, yet easy to maintain. As fun as diamonds are pearls are, they’re not for your average day. Leave those for your wedding day. Instead, opt for something painted.

  • Pop It Up A Notch: For a super jazzy nail art, you can opt for something that’s nautical (2 fingers striped, one with an anchor, one plain blue, and another one sparkled) or you can opt for a more Chanel inspired look, with gold, black and soft pink nails, black and gold dots, and shimmer on your pointer finger. Or, if you want something a little more “wowing” you can opt for all black, matte nails, and your thumb and ring finger dotted a unique design using a super shiny, bright gold nail polish.
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Manicure Specialists in Montreal

Here at Salon Deauville, our amazing nail technicians can easily recreate whatever nail design you want most. Whether you want to put a twist to a classic look or go all out retro, our nail artists will create the most jaw-dropping, perfect nail designs you’ll ever have. If you’re interested in spicing up your fingertips, make sure to book an appointment with us!

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