Discover The Best Spray Tanning Solution In Montreal

In Montreal, it’s that time of year when we’ve all reached our palest shade of white. The sub-zero temperatures, overcast skies, and early sunsets have made us all crave those days at the beach.  Or at least to look like it.  We need some colour… like, yesterday!  Of course, we’re not going to sit out in the winter sun, and the truly hot days don’t start till July.  Then what?  Well we certainly aren’t going to bake our skin with harmful artificial rays in a tanning bed.  What’s the obvious solution?  Why, the best airbrush spray tanning in Montreal, of course!

And don’t waste your money with those DIY solutions sold at the local drug store; you always end up streaky and blotchy when you try to do it yourself. This time around, go see the pros.

Spray tanning is the most effective way to achieve the bronzed glow you want, without the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays or toxic tanning beds. Like you’ve been told many times before, skin that is overexposed to the sun or artificial rays is more susceptible to burning, premature aging, chronic conditions like spotting and growths, and worst of all… skin cancer.

Some frequent misunderstandings about spray tanning are that you will turn orange, smell bad, look patchy and the eventual fading will be uneven.  Yes, in fact these can happen if you use cheap quality products, like the ones sold for self-use at home.


How does it work?

The best spray tanning in Montreal works by applying a harmless product that reacts with the body’s natural body chemistry to produce a nice, even colour. The intensity of the tan is determined by individual person’s skin characteristics in combination with the colour of product chosen. This is often something that takes some trial and error at first because every person can have a slightly different response to the same product. In addition, some products have bronzer in them while others don’t. This will also determine how tan the skin appears to be.


Benefits of Salon Spray Tanning

There are several advantages to the best spray tanning. It is the easiest as well as the fastest method of attaining that colour that you desire without spending weeks trying to get it outside or in a tanning booth. In fact, it’s almost immediate and requires only a few hours to achieve the intended effect. Doesn’t this make more sense if you have a party and need to spruce up your skin tone in a hurry?

The best spray tanning solutions will dry fast and create much less of a mess than caking on tons of sun screen or tanning lotion while you wait hours to bake in your backyard.  Next, spray tanning allows far better control of the end result by turning out even tones across the entire body. Especially true if you have it done at a salon, where one of the biggest benefits is using professional-grade spray tanning products.

The benefits of spray tanning also lend themselves to self-esteem too. Almost everyone looks better with a warm healthy colour to the, and we feel better when we look better. Who doesn’t smile more when walking around with a healthy looking glow, instead of a pasty white complexion?

It doesn’t stop there, either. The best spray tanning boasts a long list of other perks.  Among these:

  • Even out your complexion and conceal wrinkles and blemishes, as well as stretchmarks and unsightly veins.
  • Choice of shade best suited for your skin, simply by applying more or less layers.
  • A uniform, streak-free finish. The thin mist of an airbrush creates even distribution all over, with no blotches.
  • It’s fast. In only minutes you can go from pasty white to radiant golden brown, and a quick-drying formula means you get dressed safely, and even shower soon after, while the colour continues to set in.
  • Stay tanned all year long, making you to look slimmer and healthier, boosting self-esteem.

With Salon Deauville’s Airbrush Tanning treatment, not only can you achieve a natural-looking glow but you will reach that tan in a safer healthy way, without the downside of sun exposure.

Discover The Best Spray Tanning Solution In Montreal


The Best Methods

There are several possible methods employed in delivering a spray tan. Some professional salons put you inside a booth which has spray nozzles positioned at various angles. You simply stand there and lift your arms while the nozzles hit you from these different positions. This is the quickest method. Other salons which go the extra mile (like Salon Deauville) use a handheld airbrush tool to apply the product more deliberately. Airbrush tanning takes a little longer and most clients prefer it, as it usually achieves better results.

It is recommended that the best spray tanning be done 2-3 times weekly, to maintain that perfect colour. However, keep in mind that individual results do vary and it is important for you to determine the frequency of tanning that works well for you and provides optimal results.

Get your tan the professional way with Salon Deauville’s Airbrush Tanning service!


How To Prepare Beforehand

There are a few things everyone should do before hitting the salon, for best results.  Prior skin preparation gives the best spray tanning product the best chance to penetrate uniformly.

  • Shaving or waxing 2 days in advance is smart. Using a product on the light side (or without bronzer) allows you to shave or wax on the same day, but it’s always safer to do so around 48 hours prior. This avoids colour concentrating in areas where your pores have opened the most.
  • Exfoliate the entire body, preferably the day before. A nice shower with a semi-abrasive loofah will get it done right.
  • Wear a shower cap to cover your scalp before the product is applied to avoid penetrating your hair.
  • Avoid antiperspirant, deodorant, or powders. These will prevent the product from adhering to the skin and you will wind up with lighter patches in those areas.  Makeup should obviously be left off for the same reason, unless you want your face to tan like patchwork!
  • Spread a thin coat of petroleum jelly or similar product to wrinkly areas right before you start. Applying it to elbows and knees will prevent the product from getting into those creases and creating dark lines. The same goes for lips. Add a thin coat of lip balm before the spraying begins and it will avoid an unnatural looking result.


Give It Enough Time To Set In

A common mistake people make afterwards is not giving the product enough time on the skin to penetrate and reach the intended depth of colour. It usually takes a few hours for this process and going outside (in the heat or humidity) or bathing before the colouring has had time to set will prevent it from working its magic. Swimming will do the same damage. So it’s a good idea to time your treatment for a moment when you can dedicate a few hours for “curing” and a much nicer end result.



Whether you want to look like a Hollywood Starlet or just enhance your own natural beauty, and especially in these dreary colder months, a spray tan is the way to go.  Quick, easy, free of harmful health effects… and did we mention affordable?

Above are just some of the many benefits of a spray tan, and the most important reasons for choosing airbrush spray tanning for that rich even colour everyone wants. Don’t ever chance those unnatural tanning booths again, and limit your time in the sun this summer. Get your tan in hours, not days, and preserve your skin for years to come. Make the best spray tanning in Montreal your next luxurious beauty treatment of choice!

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