Lorde's black-tinted fingers are under the fashion spotlight. Photo / Getty ImagesLorde's black-tinted fingers are under the fashion spotlight. Photo / Getty Images

Fashion websites and blogs are talking about whether Lorde's now famous - or infamous, to some - black-tinted nails are the next big thing.

The 17-year-old caused a bit of a stir on social networking sites when she came out on stage with her fingertips painted black.

Some called it creepy; others felt it was an unorthodox kind of beauty.


Although many had not seen it before, it appears she may have been inspired by the work of some fashion houses, including that of designers Maki Aminaka and Marcus Wilmont.

The designers, whose fashion label is Aminaka Wilmont, have their models' fingertips tinted black in many of their runway shows and have done so for several years.

The label's website shows pictures and videos of models wearing their creations complete with fingertips bathed in black ink.

There is no explanation for the tinted fingers, but several blogs talk of the label's pull towards Japanese folklore, particularly towards Yurei - Japanese spirits - and therefore its interpretation of that in its clothes.

Many of its outfits are dark or black, conservative outfits - very similar to the young Lorde's taste in fashion.

Meanwhile, Lorde has also revealed her on-stage performance outfit at the Grammys included old school shoes.

The teenager is a former student of Takapuna Grammar School. The school's website says senior students must wear black shoes.

- NZ Herald