Bronze Beauty or Pink and Perfect?

Sometimes finding the right blush can be hard. You want one that will accent your natural hues without washing you out or turning you orange. Depending on your skin tone, you could use peaches or pinks! Don’t worry, you’re not alone in the confusion department! We’ve come up with a short list of a few basic blush colors for particular skin tones!

blush color
• Fair Skin: Fair skin is beautiful, bright, and light. You want to avoid super dark colors to keep you from looking too overdone or even paler. For light skin tones, you want to go for a more natural look. Some blush colors that would look great for fair skin include:

o Baby Pink: This color is a natural look that gives you a fresh, natural, and sweet appearance.
o Peach: This is a perfect color for the fair skinned maidens that have a yellow undertone. This helps to accentuate your natural beauty without turning you orange.

• Medium Skin Tones: Medium skin tones look best with warmer colors. Warm colors enhance your cheeks, giving you a natural, fresh look. Some blush colors to consider are:

o Apricot: This color helps to give you a hint of soft orange, which looks incredibly flattering on medium skin tones. This will give you a bright appearance, enhancing your gorgeous skin tone.
o Mauve: This color is bolder than the apricot blush, but it helps to give depth to your skin color. This won’t wash you out – in fact, this will help you to stand out!

• Olive Skin Tones: Olive skin tones can sometimes be harder to color. But not to worry! There are several colors out there that will really enhance your natural beauty! For example, use colors such as:

o Orangey-Peach: This color will really help to give you a warm appearance. It enhances your natural “tan”, making you look fresh and ready for the day!
o Rose: Rose will give you a delicate and natural blush, making you look gorgeous and refreshed! This is the perfect color for those going for a natural, softer look.

• Dark Skin Tones: For those with gorgeous, dark skin tones, there are several colors that will help to enhance your natural beauty. Try colors such as:

o Raisin: This is a bold color, but it’s beautiful on darker skin tones! The raisin colored blush is highly pigmented, which will help to give you a sultry, sexy, gorgeous look! Raisin won’t be too dark; it’ll be just right!
o Brick: This is a bolder raisin color that will give you a warm, sultry look. It’s a deeper red that is perfect for hot date nights or an evening out with the ladies!

blush colour 2
Whatever your skin tone is will depend on what blush colors look best on you. Go for one that enhances your natural color without washing you out or turning you orange. Make sure to use high quality makeup, such as Tigi, conveniently offered here at Salon Deauville!


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