Brow Shapes per Face Shapes

Every face shape can be accentuated and beautified with not only the right makeup, hairstyle, and cut, but your face shape can be enhanced with the right brow shape too. Whether you have a square face, round face, or angular shape, plucking, threading, or waxing your eyebrows the correct way can really make you look your absolute best. So, to get that perfect look, here are a few ideas just for you!

How to Find the Best Brow Shape

Here at Salon Deauville, our beauticians can help you get the best brow shape for your face! Whether you prefer tweezing, waxing, or threading your eyebrows, they can do it all just for you! So take a look at the different shapes and styles and pick the one that best suits you.

Square Face, Round Brows:

Square Face Round Brows
Square Face, Round Brows

For those of you with sharp angles and a pointed jaw line, going with a soft brow can help to soften your features. You don’t want anything too angular or harsh as this could lead to accentuating what needs to be softened. You want to find an easy medium; nothing too sharp and nothing too round. Natural is key!

Round Face, Arched Brows:

Round Face Arched Brows
Round Face, Arched Brows

 Those of you with a round face, you want to do the opposite of those who have a square face – you want to have eyebrows that are styled with a high arch. Brows that have high arches will “lift” your facial features and make you look longer and more defined. With an arched eyebrow, it can help to bring to surface that which might not “be there” at first sight – cheekbones, jawlines, and so on.

Long Face, Extended Brows:

Long Face Extended Brows
Long Face, Extended Brows


Long, thinner faces need to be extended horizontally to even out. For those who have a longer face, making your brows longer horizontally will be best. Styling your eyebrows to go past your eye just a little bit will do the trick. Make sure to avoid a droopy look – not too far past your eye, but just a little bit! Remember to find that happy medium, as with everything.

Heart Shaped Face, Groomed Brows:

Heart Shaped Face Groomed Brows
Heart Shaped Face, Groomed Brows

For those of you with a heart shaped face, you want to make sure your brows are not overly bushy or too thin – you want your eyebrows to look perfectly groomed to make sure not too much emphasis is placed on your wider forehead. With a small jawline and wider forehead, you want to shape your brow to be that perfect accent; your brow needs to be thick, but not too thick. A nice arch always looks attractive!

Oval Face, Slightly Arched Brows:

Oval Face Slightly Arched Brows
Oval Face, Slightly Arched Brows

Oval shaped faces are the easiest to style, since your bone structure is perfectly proportioned. For the oval face, you could go with a slightly arched brow that’s well-manicured and decently thick. You can have a decent mix of every brow style – make sure your brows are slightly past your eyes, thick, well groomed, and slightly arched. Remember, accentuated and natural are key!

With each face shape is the right shaped eyebrow. Make sure that you find the one that best fits your facial bone structure! If you want to style your brows perfectly, make sure to visit our professional beauticians here at Salon Deauville! Give us a call, visit our website at, or come to our salon! Book your appointment now for the perfect eyebrow shape!

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