Capitalising on Kerr's scorching good approval

Capitalising on Kerr's scorching good approval

Model Miranda Kerr’s glowing endorsement of Wellington in the New York Times yesterday doesn’t come much bigger, Positively Wellington Tourism says.

Chief executive David Perks said people inevitably followed what celebrities said.

“The publication it goes in and the profile of the celebrity makes a big difference. It’s very exciting,” he said.

The paper published a range of photos and they illustrated a breadth to New Zealand, Perks added.

“There’s this perception that New Zealand is all about mountains, bush-clad hills and sheep in paddocks,” he said. “Clearly, looking at this – the photos that are here – it shows our cities are worthy places, and places with architecture and arts and vibrant culture.”

Among her favourite spots (and her 19-month-old’s) is the Scorch-O-Rama Cafe in Scorching Bay. “I take Flynn there a lot, just play in the sand,” she said.

In one photo, Kerr hangs off the side of a rental bike and owner of the Enormous Crocodile Company Tony Christie said it was cool to see his business feature. However, if he did serve Kerr, he could not remember it: “Sometimes it’s so busy, you can hardly see the people and I don’t make a fuss if they are celebrities. I just carry on.”

The Flight of the Concords had also been on his bikes, a feature of the Wellington waterfront since 1998.

Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown said she would send Kerr an appreciative card for the “marvellous endorsement”.

“It’s a fabulous way of telling the Wellington story to more people.” She had met Kerr and boyfriend Orlando Bloom and said they genuinely appreciated the city.


By Hana Garrett-Walker
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