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Know Your Hair Texture: How to work best with what you’re given

Anyone who takes their hair seriously knows that it requires regular maintenance from a professional. Certainly, any major changes in length, style, and texture transformation should always be done in the best hair salon in Montreal. But in between visits to your favourite Stylist, you need to know how to take care of your lovely [...]

Discover the Best Home Hair Services in Montreal

Feel Like a Celeb Ever watch an awards show or other public appearance by your favourite actor or musician and wonder how they’re always keeping their hair in such impeccable shape? They don’t have any more free time than you do, and their DNA isn’t any different than yours (despite what we sometimes think). Not [...]

Discover the Best Haircare Products in Montreal

Did you know the average pharmacy haircare section can display up to 300 different products? This huge collection of shampoos, conditioners, mousses, pastes, gels, and pomades only gives us more of the best stuff to choose, right? Well, not really. If anything, it’s information overload and can cause a lot of confusion. Did you know [...]


More than just a barbershop, a Montreal Spa Haven What makes a truly heavenly experience when you need a haircut or are looking for the best salon in Montreal? What to look for when a new hairstyle is needed? Maybe new hair colour, hair extensions, maybe you just want to try a new hairdresser or [...]

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Interview-Worthy Hair Styles

You’re getting ready for your job interview and you want to make the best first impression possible. You’ve got the perfect outfit chosen, the best shoes, and professional accessories all laid out and ready. The only problem is your hair. You don’t know what to do with it, and you’re not quite sure which style [...]

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Pixie Perfect!

The pixie hairstyle is quickly becoming a favorite fad with Hollywood stars and women all around. It’s a sexy, sleek, tomboyish yet classy look. If you’re looking to go for a whole new style, than the pixie haircut is a fabulous option! […]

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Short and Sassy: Up-Do’s for Shorter Hairstyles

Short, sassy, and marvelous! Your short hair gives you the fun and fabulous look that you’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, sometimes you can hit a stump when it comes to styling your fabulously short locks. Fortunately though, there are tons of different, easy styles for you to try at home! Using the right hair products, you [...]

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Aveda Hair Styling Products

Finding high quality hair styling products can seem like an absolute headache and even a disaster! From oily hair to limp locks, finding the proper products for your styling needs doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Aveda came through with a fabulous line of high quality hair styling products, giving you all the style you [...]

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Desperately Dry: How to Manage and Care for Your Dry Hair

Dry hair almost always looks dull, making it hard to style it just the way you want. Not to mention, dry hair is brittle hair, which means certain styles, products, and styling routines are a big no-no. Don’t worry though; your dry hair isn’t as bad as you think it is. With a few hair [...]

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Vivacious Red: Different Shades of Fabulously Red Hair

It’s bold, beautiful, and fabulous! Red hair is a fantastic color for many people – it gives you a daring, original style that makes you stand out among the rest. It gives you an edge! There are many different shades of red hair, giving you a lot of different color options to choose from. Red [...]

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