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The Caribbean & South Africa Offer 4 of the World’s Most Exotic Golf Courses

Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort

Photo Courtesy of Marriott International

Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort
Costa Rica

Located within a lush rainforest and several micro-climates, golfers at Marriott’s La lguana Golf Course can spot monkeys, macaws and iguanas throughout the greens—which are set on a 1,100-acre rainforest overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The 18-hole, par-72 championship La Iguana golf course (rated 73.4, par 72, slope 145) offers not only a challenging layout but also a spectacular gallery of vistas. The course was landscaped to include exotic native plants, banana trees, orchids, monkeys, over 150 species of birds, and other abundant local wildlife. We’re not saying a monkey will steal your golf ball on the fourth green, but maybe you should keep an eye out anyway. And hey, if it does happen, maybe your friends will allow mulligans so you can have a do-over.

Take a Peek Inside the Wimbledon 2014 Championships With Exclusive Video From JustLuxe

Wimbledon 2014 Championships

Photo Courtesy of AELTC/Billie Weiss

Move aside World Cup, because the Wimbledon 2014 Championships is here!

An astonishing amount of expertise and affection is applied to every aspect of the venue and it’s delivery of the Championships, hence the tournament becoming one of the most prestigious events in the sporting calendar.

Wimbledon remains the only Grand Slam where fans can walk up without tickets and have a chance to obtain seats, so even the queue here is a become somewhat of a tradition.

Earlier this week JustLuxe‘s Claire Bloomfield took an exclusive look around the venue so we could all get a peek inside.

For more information and to book tickets for museum and tour, visit Wimbledon’s official site.

GT Chassis Gaming Seat Is Racer Tester & Formula One Approved

car racing game simulator game chair

Photo Courtesy of HumanRacing

Boys will be boys, right? And typically, boys love video games. It doesn’t really matter how old men get, there’s always that childlike side that would be more than happy to virtually race down a speedway for the winning trophy. And when it comes to racing games, nothing beats a high-end gaming seat and we are loving the GT Chassis from HumanRacing. Having been tested by actual Formula One drivers at various Grand Prix events, they take their designs pretty seriously and try to get as close to the real thing as possible. The simulator’s design was inspired by real racing autos, with an adjustable seat, sturdy frame, shifter, and racing pedals. The brand promises that the chair will be able to withstand all your movements, no matter how spastic and crazy you may get while playing a game. The product is also customizable depending on your needs, meaning that you can upgrade to any racing bucket seat or even into a full-motion simulator.

Take the Whole Family Glamping In This 3-Bedroom Northwest Territory Tent

Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent

Photo Courtesy of Sears

With summer quickly approaching, many are finding themselves dreaming of having a weekend long camping adventure with friends and family. Instead of using an old cramped tent, one which is probably still dirty from that last music festival you went to, check out the 18’x12′ Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent. Designed to replicate a little house, the tent has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, eight windows throughout, and a peaked roof that’s over seven feet high in the center. The little porch area is great for hanging out and thanks to a dropdown wall, bugs are kept at bay. There’s even a back zippered door so those sleeping in the rear can have a private entrance. Another neat feature is that the floor can be unzipped from the main tent, making clean-up super easy.

Fly Through the Air Like a Superhero Using FlyJetBoard

jetboard water toy

Photo Courtesy of FlyJetBoard

Father’s Day is coming up fast and we’re headed into the territory of last minute gifts. Instead of getting your dad yet another golf club or bottle of Scotch, you may want to consider getting the FlyJetBoard — assuming pops is in pretty good shape, of course. Once you strap yourself onto the board, water is sucked up by a high pressure hose to propel you up to 32 feet in the air. Not only can you essentially fly using the FlyJetBoard, you can also dive into the water to shoot back up. While it may seem a bit tough, it apparently only takes 10-15 minutes of training to get in the air.

Since the company is based out of Russia, it’s easiest to contact them directly to inquire about international shipping, though the price of the water toy is $4,300.

Dunhills’s Sentryman Carbon Fiber Rollerball is the Perfect Masculine Pen For Dad

Dunhills Sentryman Carbon Fiber Rollerball Pen

Photo Courtesy of Dunhill

If you have $755 burning a hole in your figurative pocket, why not buy a super fancy pen? Made out of carbon fiber (because obviously non-carbon fiber writing instruments are just way too heavy), this Sentryman Rollerball is “bold, uncomplicated and masculine” — so clearly it’s a fantastic gift for a man. The pen has a “d’ logo on the top of the cap, and there are brass palladium-plated features. As if the Sentryman wasn’t fancy enough already, you have to request for a Dunhill personal shopper to find it for you at one of their stores, after which they’ll ship it to you.

Jaguar Lends Aerodynamic Expertise to Pinarello Dogma F8 Racing Bicycle

Jaguar Pinarello Dogma F8 Racing Bicycle

Photo Courtesy of Team Sky

“The difference was obvious when I first rode the Dogma F8,” says 2013 Tour de France champion Chris Froome. “It is obviously lighter and feels more rigid, so that all the power from your legs is transferred to the road without any flex or movement. This is a bike on which I know I can win another Tour de France. I am going to be doing everything possible to make that happen.”

The bike’s first race was the Critérium du Dauphiné, which started last weekend, and will go on to compete in the Tour de France — starting in Leeds on July 5.

11 Sexy Soccer Players We Wish Would Play On Our Field

We all know that David Beckham is uncomfortably attractive, but he’s not the only good looking soccer (or football, depending on where you live) player out there who makes you want to suddenly take the sport up. To celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup (because it’s nice to have an excuse to look at these players), we’ve found the hottest guys out there who make a living kicking a ball around and looking attractive (though being attractive may or may not be part of their contracts).

Cristiano Ronaldo

We don’t know how he does it, but Cristiano always has perfect hair during games. Seriously, do a quick search and you’re met with images of his body flying through the air and perfectly coiffed hair. It’s mystical and maybe even a little annoying. The Portuguese player also has a bit of a bad boy streak in him (or at least he used to) and threw a chair at his teacher when he was a kid because the teacher “disrespected” him. From Portugal, the 29-year-old is a pretty pricey player with his $132 million dollar transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009 — meaning he’s talented. Really talented.

David Beckham

Of course, David Beckham is on the list. Look at him. It’s like he’s looking right into your essence and seducing it. Stop it, David! You’re married! (P.S. Never stop, we didn’t mean it.)

Xabier “Xabi” Alonso

When Xabi wears a suit he can rival James Bond, when he grows a beard he looks like he’ll build you the log cabin of your dreams — two very important traits. He’s also a redhead (score!) and he’s the only one on this list our fashion editor really approves of (double score!). From Spain, the 32-year-old plays for Real Madrid (meaning he and Cristiano up there are probably besties ready to take us on the double date of a lifetime) and tends to put family ahead of the game, having skipped a match to be present at the birth of his first child. Swoon.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

As Brazil’s shining star, 22-year-old Neymar is just as attractive as he is talented. Plus, he photographs pretty well and even rivaled Gisele Bündchen on a recent Vogue Brazil cover. Playing for Barcelona, the player is known for his speed, acceleration, dribbling, and is quick on both feet, making him a pretty big deal and someone other players call the future best in the world.

Sergio Ramos

When guys who look like Sergio are on the field, it’s really hard to root for one team only. You may even find yourself getting jealous of all the high-fives and tackles he doles out. In 2013, at the age of 27, he became the youngest player to ever reach 100 caps and not surprising, he’s in a relationship.

John Lennon and Dragons Lead Upcoming Bonhams Fine Writing Instruments Auction

Bonhams Fine Writing Instruments auction

Montblanc’s Maecenas 18K Solid White Gold & Diamonds Special Limited Edition 20 Skeleton Fountain Pen is another noteworthy lot and will possibly sell for $30,000. The pen was made to mark the 20th anniversary of the Patron of Art series, honoring the first recorded patron in the history of arts and culture. Featuring a solid 18K white gold cap and end piece, the writing instrument is trimmed with gold and set with diamonds. The cap is engraved with an ode to Maecenas by Horace and the end piece has a Roman coin replica inset.

The sale also has an Omas UNICEF Signs for Children model ($50,000) and a Sakura Limited Edition 88 fountain pen ($12,000).

Avoid the Mega Crowds With These 9 Eclectic Early Summer Music Festivals

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