Charlotte Dawson in trouble on Twitter

Charlotte Dawson in trouble on Twitter

Television personality Charlotte Dawson has landed herself in Twitter trouble after a post she wrote was misinterpreted as a death threat.

The New Zealand born beauty turned her back on NZ in 2007, blaming the media. Her career has since blossomed across the ditch with a spot as the harsh-tongue judge on Australia’s Next Top Model and regular snaps in the social pages.

Most recently she’s been recruited on The Celebrity Apprentice and her online presence is certainly felt on Twitter. But this week Dawson found out the hard way how sarcasm doesn’t always translate through technology.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, in the middle of a conversation about fashion bloggers Dawson wrote, jokingly she insists: ”Somebody please kill ‘Brian boy’ … Please please please.” She was referring to Bryan Grey-Yambao, a Filipino fashion blogger (pseudonym: Bryanboy), who was in town for Fashion Week.

Dawson went on with her conversation, insulted a few other bloggers (including calling one ”custard flinging bats**t crazy”) then went to sleep.

She woke the following morning to learn her Fashion Fatwa had been passed on to Grey-Yambao who was now claiming to be terrified of this woman, was contacting police and: ”Can’t wait to get out of here. So scary. My Aussie trip was fine until this scary person said things.”

The Sydney Morning Herald pointed out the ”scared” Bryanboy also tweeted photos of his dinner at high-end Sydney eatery, Otto, and then a trip out on Anthony Bell’s yacht.

Dawson has laughed it off. ”It’s mostly very funny, but people are making serious accusations as well,” the paper reported.

”And I’m considering what to do about that.”

Grey-Yambao was yet to file a formal police complaint, saying he was going to contact his agent and lawyer first. ”Charlotte, as a television host, should be responsible for what she’s putting out there for the public to see, whether she is joking or not.”

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