Classic Men’s Hairstyles For Your Wedding Day

When it comes to wedding day hairstyles, it’s not just about tiaras and big curls. It’s also about your man as well. Let him look just as fabulous with a few of these swoon-worthy hairstyles. Not only will you as the bride be looking gorgeous and too hot to trot, but your soon-to-be hubby will be looking just as sexy with his new hair-do as well! Here are a few great hairstyles for your man to try!

classic wedding hair cuts for men

Classic Styles for the Classic Man:

When you think classic, think coifs and pompadours. They’re smooth, sexy, classic, and professional looking: perfect for a nice wedding look! Here’s what you need and how to style a coif:

  • Hair: With a coif, you want the top of your hair to be long on top and close shaved on the side. Size 1 with the hair clippers is a good size for the sides.
  • Styling: Add volumizing mouse to your wet hair, then once it’s in your hair, kind of shake your fingers through it to give it a loose, clean look. Also, don’t wash your hair everyday; the dirtier, the easier to style.

Slick n Sexy:

If you want something a little calmer, smoother, and sexy, opt for a slick hairstyle. If you have wavy or curly hair, a slick style like this might be perfect for you.

  • Hair: You want longer hair on the sides than the coif, but not too long. Keep your hair a medium length on top.
  • Styling: For this style, you’ll want to use a medium-strong hold mouse, and run it through your wet hair. Style your hair with your fingers, and if you want to go for that dried, completed look, blow it dry with a blow dryer on a low-medium heat.

men wedding hair stylist

Thick Yet Short:

For those of you with thick hair, you know how difficult it can be to style it just right, without looking like a pom-pom is on your head. No worries, this style is perfect for you.

  • Hair: As previously mentioned, this style is perfect for those of you with thick, straight hair.
  • Styling: This one’s great because not only is it easy, but it’s low maintenance. Keep it short all the way around, with the top a little longer. Because your hair is thick, it’ll look close cut and clean.

wedding hairstyles for men

Long n Sleek:

We’ve seen several different hair styles that are for short and medium hair lengths, but what about those who have long hair and want to keep it that way? Here’s an idea that’s perfect for you.

  • Hair: You’re going to want to keep your hair long all around. Just make sure that the front is above your eyebrows so it doesn’t look shaggy and unkempt.
  • Style: Take some mild-medium hold mouse and style it with your fingers through your wet hair. Blow it dry with your blow dry on a medium heat. For a little edge, make sure that your hair isn’t perfect, but perfectly ruffled. Classic but updated, chilled yet sophisticated. It’s the perfect wedding hairstyle.

Here at Salon Deauville, our amazing hairstylists can get your fiancés tresses styled just right. If you want that perfect wedding day hairstyle that’s easy to keep up and styled, than you’ll want to give us a call and make an appointment!

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