Colourful fake tattoos are paying lip service

Colourful fake tattoos are paying lip service

Temporary lip tattoos look likely to be the next fashion accessory rage, but don’t expect a kiss from those who apply them.

The Lady Gaga-inspired products, which are taking off just as the ball season kicks off, come in colourful prints, stripes, spots and full-on glitter. They are transferred on to the skin with a damp cotton bud, much like a child’s tattoo.

The Herald on Sunday recruited sales executive Ashley Stenberg to road-test the look.

Phoenix Cosmetics makeup artist Kryshina Walker said the trick was having the lips hydrated and exfoliated before the tattoo was applied. She used lipstick to fill in the area around the corner of the lip and finished it with clear gloss.

Stenberg, 22, said the tattoos felt “a bit strange”, but were not uncomfortable. “They’d be awesome at a concert, but I don’t think I’d be brave enough to wear them on a regular Saturday night out,” she said.

She had seen them before on Kim Kardashian and British singer Jessie J.

“They’re cool. They make my lips look very plump.”

Stenberg said she liked the effect but noted they peeled even after a carefully eaten meal.

“They’d probably be okay if you were just going to be drinking, especially if you had a straw,” she said.

A set of the tattoos is $40 with application at Phoenix Cosmetics or $15 with a makeup session. Sets can also be bought online.

By Celeste Gorrell Anstiss
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