Corlette Gloves, Worn by Nelly Furtado

Corlette Gloves, Worn by Nelly Furtado

nelly furtado1 Corlette Gloves, Worn by Nelly Furtado

This past weekend Nelly Furtado sang her heart out at the mobile music awards in Paris, wearing an accessory that was just as powerful as her voice.

The singer stepped out onto the stage wearing Corlette Gloves from the company’s ‘Relache les Bretelles’ Collection. The gloves are lined with silk and made from nappa. Short and fingerless, they’re secured onto the hand of the wearer by two buckles that go over the wrist – perfect for everyday activities or moving around a stage like Nelly.

Corlette is a London based company that first launched their specialized belts and gloves for the Fall/Winter 2010 collection. The lines founder, Fiorina Benveniste-Schuler, named the brand after her grandmother Corlette, who was a huge fan of wearing corsets and gloves back in the day. Fiorina intends to bring the present day sex appeal of woman together with the high-class times her grandmother lived in, creating a perfect balance between the two. Throughout the 18th century, women were never caught in public without their gloves and corset and Corlette is set on bringing these items back as an everyday necessity in the present day.

Fiorina is a world traveler who says she can’t necessarily credit one location as her “home.” Moving around from place to place, she is inspired by the world around her, taking a little bit from each spot she visits with her. Corlette meets in the middle of formal and casual as well as rock elegance and French chic.

The line is 100% handmade in Italy out of high quality Italian leather combined with thoughtful materials that bring the pieces together. Attention goes into every aspect of the creating process, from designing to choosing the materials, ensuring the products are functional and wearable for everyone, everyday.

Visit Corlette online to browse the collection.

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