Current trends in men’s haircuts

Men’s haircuts have evolved greatly over time and at the same time create trends with very varied styles.

Within this variety of styles, men opt for fashionable hairstyles with defined shapes.

The holidays are approaching, are you thinking of getting a trendy haircut? In this article we will talk more about the haircut trends for men in 2020-2021.

Men’s Hairstyles


Even though new styles in men’s haircuts are being introduced every season, it is still difficult to choose one that fits one’s personality, the shape of one’s face and one’s style of dressing.

We bring you the new styles that will be in fashion in 2021 so that you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Fade Cut

Current trends in men’s haircuts

The fade cut or better known also as faded is the most sought after and the one that never goes out of fashion.

This haircut consists in the decrease along the hair gradually from the top to the neck.


High Fading Cut

Current trends in men’s haircuts

The high fade style is a haircut in which the top of the head is more crowded and the bottom is almost completely trimmed.

This haircut creates a certain “punk” look. It is recommended to leave some volume on the top of the hair in order to style the face.

It is ideal for round or square heads, being too short on the sides you can play with the length of the top of the head.


Shaving cut

Current trends in men’s haircuts

This haircut is expected to be in trend by fall 2021 and you can also combine it with a beard.

This style is simple, however if you want to improve the style you can choose to accompany it with the degraded effect.

It’s a very comfortable and maintenance-free haircut.


Afro fade cut

Current trends in men’s haircuts

Do you have curly hair? You can wear this spectacular cut. In this style the cut starts from the scalp leaving a considered volume in the highest part of the head.

This haircut was a very popular hairstyle a few years ago and it’s back in style for next year.


Cut with fringe

Current trends in men’s haircuts

Bangs are part of the new trends in men’s haircuts. It is used both for men with straight hair and for those with curly hair.

When keeping your hair in this style you should take into account the care that long hair must receive in order to remain healthy and beautiful.

If your bangs are short you can wear your hair lightly to one side, this will give you a little more movement and make your hair look more modern.

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Pompadour cut

Current trends in men’s haircuts

It’s a unique style for men and is a celebrity favorite.

It’s a haircut that requires some upward movement and movement to the back of the head to generate great volume.

The top part of the hair is the important one, as it must be long to carefully style it – it’s certainly one of the most sought-after trends!

This style is ideal for those with fine, straight hair, as it makes it easier to do a classic topknot.

It is also ideal for faces with wide jaws and stylized or pronounced cheekbones.

Cut crew cute


This men’s haircut is the ultimate haircut for this winter season. It consists of keeping the top part of the hair shorter or with the minimum length and on the sides it can be left very short but leaving a gradient to mark the style.

There are different types of crew cuts, the classic style, the alternative style and the fade.

Classic style

It is ideal for men who just want to give their hair a discreet style.

Alternative style

It is shorter than normal. The sides are shaved and the top is still very short. This style is more evident.

Fade style

This cut has a blurring on the sides, the change is usually not drastic. Ideal for men who like an extreme style without falling into the indiscreet.

Before making the decision to opt for a trendy haircut, don’t forget that your hair type has a lot of influence. Some cuts are ideal for all hair types and others for straight or curly hair.

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