Designer's choice: Runway worthy hairstyles

Designer's choice: Runway worthy hairstyles


A fresh take on the classic french plait, the hair look for Karen Walker’s summer show with the Marr Factory plays with one of the hottest trends for spring. The tomboy updo is captivating because it hits the note between boyish and ladylike with fresh-faced naivety, clean lines and a cheeky goody-good attitude.

Here’s how

Step 1: Part your hair in the centre from forehead to nape and tie it into two low ponytails. Hold the parting in place with two clips at the temple.

Step 2: Roll each ponytail into a plait at the back and secure with pins.

Step 3: Using Wella Sp Perfect Hold hairspray and more pins, tighten up the rolls for a clean, fresh finish (pictured bottom).

Makeup: This fresh-faced beauty is a little Victorian-inspired. She has a structured face through subtle contouring under the cheekbones, wears minimal foundation and beautiful bold lips.

Wear a bright coral pink such as M.A.C Viva Glam Nicki (Minaj) lipstick mixed with a blue-based electric pink such as M.A.C Girl About Town lipstick.

Hair by Chong Li for Stephen Marr, makeup by Amber Dreadon for M.A.C, photos by Oliver Rose.


A fresh twist on Victoriana is shown in Kate Sylvester’s Marr Factory look. Lauren Gunn says the historic references show up here and there in the clothes and they have made a definite appearance in this summer’s trends for hair. Big, loose and elegantly windblown, this take on the trend mixes in a little runaway surf babe with our rebellious heroine.

Here’s how

Step 1: Comb through a serious amount of Wella SP Elegant Shape volume mousse from roots to ends and blowdry it into your hair.

Step 2: Set the top layers of your hair with a hot wand or rollers, clip the waves in place and let them cool to set for a minute.

Step 3: Backcomb the sections of your hair through the top and the side layers and spray generously with Wella SP Perfect Hold hairspray, then randomly secure these sections with a few pins.

Step 4: For the ultimate finish to this look add a little more spray and blow some air with your blowdryer over the finished style to loosen things up and create a sexy, wind-tossed effect.

Makeup: Amber D says the makeup has a romantic “loved up” feel. The Kate Sylvester girl is wearing a stain of deep red lipstick, like M.A.C Dubonnet. She wears a sheen beige eye using using M.A.C Bamboom Paint, Tan pigment and Sepia cream colour base. Paired with M.A.C Face + Body foundation for understated elegance.


Combine two of summer’s key hair trends, the wet look and the tight bun, and turn them into a mash-up, trend-setting slick knot. The V-part and grungy eye is hard-edged (and worn in with M.A.C Gloss Texture) but the skin is detailed to perfection. This is a look that oozes confidence in a sexy 1990s way. Say goodbye to undressed boho hair and hello again to again to supermodel style circa Linda, Christie, Paulina, et al.


Tough-love look with a mix of rock ‘n’ roll volume and electric socket texture. Perfect for mid-length hair and don’t forget your summer sunnies. The makeup has the same underground cool and is about a solid bold lip and flawless skin. M.A.C Vintage Vamp nail lacquer completes the look and teams with the M.A.C Pro Lipmix of red, crimson and blue used to achieve the burnt-red shade.


It’s all happening at the nape with an elegant knotted ponytail. This season the pony is strongest with a low twist, in an minimal style that can run the gamut of a casual layered wardrobe through to a high-octane couture.

Makeup for the Workshop / Helen Cherry girl is a worn-in rock n roll look, but perfectly done with winged eyes softly smudged along the edges. The lips are stained coral and colour is pressed on with a finger tip so as not to look overly done.

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