Discover the Best Eyelash Tinting Service in Montreal

During this warmer time of year, when fashion is king (or should we say Queen?) and getting ready to leave the house shouldn’t take as long, women still want to look their best.

However, the heat causes sweating, and then there’s swimming, jogging and other outdoor exercise.  You need something that’s low-maintenance that resists the elements and still looks great.  Unless you’re naturally blessed with plump, bold, naturally dark lashes which need no work, you should discover the best eyelash tinting service in Montreal!

This relatively new and fantastic process colours your lashes with a dye from tip to tip.  The result?  A darker, more striking look… without an ounce of mascara. The benefit is even more obvious on women with short, thin, or pale lashes.  Bold eyelashes without the need for mascara or falsies: who could say no to that?  But the challenge is knowing which place will do the best job. It’s safe and fabulous when performed correctly, and the effect can last about 5-6 weeks.     You will leave from the salon that day with the richest, fullest, boldest lashes, and a more gorgeous version of yourself.

But what separates the good eyelash tinting services from the bad?  Don’t be afraid to ask your professional Beautician all the difficult questions.  Head over to the best Beauty Salon in Montreal to find out exactly what you need to know, so you’re comfortable making an appointment for the best eyelash tinting service.  Here are some key points to ask about and what any informed client should know:

Q: How much of a difference does it really make?

Ladies with light-coloured lashes show the most difference, for obvious reasons.  Most of us have lashes that are thinner and lighter colour at the tips, so the best eyelash tinting service can really expose the parts you didn’t even know you had.

Q: How to prepare?

Don’t use any self-tanning products for at least one week before your treatment, since it might react badly with the lash colouring product.  Needless  to say, come without any mascara on.  If you wear contact lenses, leave them at home.  They might become stained from the dye.

Q: What type of dye is used?

Eyelash tinting is completely safe, if you know what to ask for.  Make sure your Beautician applies only a vegetable-based natural dye. They should never be using regular hair dyes for this part of the body.

Q: Will there be any discomfort?

It is entirely normal to feel a certain amount of stinging immediately after application of even the best eyelash tinting service.  This is expected and should not cause concern.  The eyes must remain closed but after a few minutes, your Beautician will flush the eyes with a saline solution, which feels very soothing.  As this is the most common side effect, it is up to the individual to decide if the discomfort can be tolerated and worth the results.

Anyone with injured or particularly delicate eyes (for any reason) or who has recently had laser surgery should refrain from this type of treatment.  The same applies for those prone to allergy to dyes or related products: if your skin is extra sensitive or you have a history of bad reactions to new experiences such as this, do your research first.

Making the Colour Last Longer

After the procedure: To keep eyelashes looking bold and dark as long as they can, avoid cleansing oils and oil-based makeup removers that will eliminate the colour faster.  Rather, choose cream cleansers while enjoying this treatment. Tinting gives the eyes definition for at least a few weeks, or until the individual lashes fall out and are replaced by new ones.  Obviously this will happen whether they’re tinted or not.

How it is Done

Make an appointment at the best beauty salon in town, remove your contact lenses, choose a colour (usually brown, black, or some variation of those), and away you go!  Typically they’ll put a small towel around your neck so the dye doesn’t spot onto your clothing.  Some petroleum jelly (or similar) goes under the eyes, preventing the skin from getting stained.  Next, a thin cotton curved pad goes over the jelly.  With eyes closed, the tinting product is applied to your lashes with a fine brush, and allowed to set for at least eight to ten minutes.  This ensures the best eyelash tinting service treatment.

Before you can open your eyes again, the Beautician begins to get rid of excess dye with another cotton pad (damp thistime).  This might take a few minutes of gentle padding in even strokes.  When all the extra dye is gone, you can now open your eyes.  Your Beautician continues the clean-up under the eyes  and the lid above with more moist cotton, as needed.

Remember: Eyelash tinting should only be performed in a professional setting, by a Beautician.  They have the right tools and dyes.  

Main Advantages

There are several benefits for people who get their eyelashes tinted on a regular basis.  The thinner or lighter in colour you are naturally, the more dramatic the change in look for your eyes.  Next, the fact that it lasts 24/7 and cannot be smudged, unlike the usual makeup you apply every morning and remove at night.  Indeed, tinting eyelashes is extremely practical and time-saving.

Eyelash tinting is a godsend for women who lead busy lifestyles, who are short on time or long on activities that spoil mascara.  For those who go swimming, work out, play sports or chase the kids around, you can’t wear mascara as often as you’d like.  The best eyelash tinting service delivers a more feminine, sexy, finished look with zero maintenance!

To Sum Up…

This is a relatively new fashion trend taking the nation by storm.  Since lash tinting is done with vegetable-oil based dyes, it is not a permanent solution. Though the lashes will stay dark for several weeks.  It might be the solution to your lash-related beauty needs, and is definitely worth checking out.  But while eyelash tinting is safe when done correctly, it may not be for everyone.

Decide for yourself and make sure the right products for you are being used.  The surest way to avoid any issues is to have the service performed by a trained expert Beautician. It is not a technique to perform on yourself at home, so please ignore any subpar do-it-yourself solutions found at the drugstore or advertised online.  Choose only the best eyelash tinting service in Montreal and surrounding area

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