Discover the Best Home Hair Services in Montreal

Feel Like a Celeb

Ever watch an awards show or other public appearance by your favourite actor or musician and wonder how they’re always keeping their hair in such impeccable shape?  They don’t have any more free time than you do, and their DNA isn’t any different than yours (despite what we sometimes think).  Not all of them are that skilled at styling their own locks.  So how do they possibly find the time to get their hair cut, treated, blown out and styled on a regular basis like that?  Maybe they’re not going to a salon.  Maybe the salon is coming to them!  That’s right, in their homes.  If you want to remain your most glamorous self on a regular basis too, maybe you should discover the best home hair services in Montreal.

That’s right, celebrities have been having their Hairstylist make house-calls since celebrities were invented.  Even Cleopatra (the original Kim Kardashian) would just sit back in the comfort of her own palace and have the resident “coiffeur” go to her.  Then again, maybe Cleopatra’s was a live-in!  Some celebs preparing for Red-Carpet galas may go to their fav hair salon before the event, but most of them opt for private home hair services of an expert professional who will make the trip and deliver exactly what they ask for.

This is indeed one of the secrets of how some of our most admired and glamorous public figures maintain their enviable tresses on a constant basis.  While Hairstylists making house-calls (sometimes called “Mobile Hairdressing”) is nothing new in Hollywood, the average every day “real person” has also caught on in recent years, and have started doing it too.  That’s right, you don’t have to be rich or famous to enjoy the best home hair services in Montreal.

Celebrities Hairstyles
Celebrities Hairstyles

Discover the Best Home Hair Services in Montreal 

The Advantages of Home Hair Services from a Salon

Take a moment and think about it.  With the type of lifestyle you lead: career, house, kids, staying in shape, a social life, looking after your car, looking after the needs of your significant other… it never ends.  Don’t fall into the trap of leaving yourself for last.  If you find yourself short on time, or if your favourite Montreal beauty salon isn’t open when you need them to be, why not have them come to you?  It’s a no-brainer.

Want a few more reasons to take the leap?  Among others, they include:Discover the Best Home Hair Services in Montreal

(1) Do you have children, an elderly relative, or someone else who can’t be left alone?  Do you have the Cable Guy coming over between 12 and 5 on the same day you need your hair done?  Whatever the reason, sometimes you just can’t get away.  If there’s no babysitter available (or you just don’t feel like that extra expense) when it’s time for a colour, trim, or style… you need someone to come to you!  Send out an SOS to the best home hair services in Montreal, and take a load off your mind.

(2) Booking an appointment at a popular salon can often be tough (especially on short notice) when you can’t get away from work, and their hours “on” don’t line up with your hours “off”.  Ever try getting into a Hairstylist extra early in the morning, or on a holiday weekend?  How about wedding season?  Not always easy.

(3) You’re probably busier and have more responsibilities than you did five years ago.  Are we right?  You need something cost-effective and convenient to save time.  Imagine the convenience of your Hairstylist showing up at your home or office when it’s suitable for you!  And we haven’t even mentioned the time and gas spent commuting, plus the headache and cost of parking.

(4) Besides finding time to get their hair done when they are available, not everyone feels comfortable walking into a large lavish salon.  They have this image that everyone there is young and beautiful and maybe a little intimidating.  Just like going to a new gym for the first time.  You assume you’re the only one who needs work.  Now while that’s not usually true, you have the choice of getting served in a place where you feel comfortable.

(5) Maybe you work from home, as freelancer or small business owner.  And since your customers won’t wait for you to go make yourself beautiful, you need to stay “plugged in”.  Keep making those phone calls or replying to those e-mails while an expert Hairstylist stands behind you working away at the same time.  Now that’s multitasking!

(6) You cannot leave the house.  Be it the mother of a newborn, a senior with reduced mobility, the disabled, the victim of an injury or illness, or several other scenarios… some people find themselves incapable of making the trip to the salon.  That’s certainly no reason not to be pampered.  And don’t be concerned about prepping your domain. Stylists who make house calls know and understand that they’re going to the place you live, and don’t expect it to be salon-ready or perfect.

(6) There are a variety of services you can have performed at your home or work.  Now while not everything under the sun can be done outside of the salon, you can request treatments like a Full up do, Half up do, Styling for long hair, Styling for short hair, Long hair extension, Short hair extension, among others.  Just ask and be specific at the moment when you make your appointment, and the Stylist will be sure to bring everything they need to get the job done.  This is why you should choose the best home hair services in Montreal.

(7) A truly professional full-service salon will offer other treatments you can take advantage of while you’re getting your hair done.  Take advantage of the visit and get your face done at the same time, with home services make up.

Woman getting her hair blow dried
Woman getting hair hair blow dried

Discover the Best Home Hair Services in MontrealDiscover the Best Home Hair Services in MontrealDiscover the Best Home Hair Services in Montreal

Beware of Independent Hairstylists Making House-calls

There are typically two types of independent (aka freelance or private) Stylists that offer to make house-calls and cut/style your hair on location.

(A) The upstart who doesn’t work for a salon and works entirely on the road or out of their basement.  They usually don’t have the proper training, tools, or accountability in case something goes wrong.  They might be too young and just starting out, or unable to get hired by an established company.

(B) Those who do already work for a salon, but decide to take some of that salon’s clientele for their own.  “On the side” as many call it.  They obviously take cash only, and are doing it behind someone else’s back.  This is risky business for the client, since there’s no one to help out or complain to if you’re unhappy with the results.

Among the disadvantages to this, we find:

  • The Stylist may charge extra to make the trip worthwhile.  When doing business with someone with no set pricing, versus a reputable salon, there may be a significant difference.
  • They may not carry appropriate insurance to cover home visits. If they cause serious damage to either your hair or even your home, how will they compensate you?
  • Those employed by a salon may do this without telling their employer. Besides working under the table, what happens if the salon finds out?  This is considered bad form in the industry, especially when the salon offers home hair services itself.
  • Many treatments cannot be carried out properly by a freelancer without the tools provided by a salon, which is equipped with all the necessary equipment and professional haircare products.



Not all hair salons or Stylists are able (or allowed) to deliver service at home. There are pros and cons to trying it, and you need to choose your service provider wisely.  The best advice is to stick with an established and reputable salon with a trusted name.  This ensures you that you are getting services from an experienced and trained professional.  One thing’s for sure, however: the trend is only gaining in popularity with today’s busy consumer.

If you’ve never tried it before, discover the best home hair services in Montreal today!

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