Editorial Advert: Celebrity Eye Colours

Editorial Advert: Celebrity Eye Colours

Contacts Editorial Advert: Celebrity Eye Colours
For celebrities, certain physical features become trademarks associated with their stardom. Of those features, probably the most well-known would be eye colour. Many celebrities are distinguishable by a particular shade or intensity of a particular hue. What many people do not realize is that some of these celebrities that are well-known for a certain eye colours were not born with that colour. Of all the eye colours, blue seem to be the most popular for which celebrities strive. In fact, many of them wear blue coloured contact lenses to achieve this look.

One well known celebrity with blue eyes is socialite Paris Hilton. However, many do not know that Paris was in fact born a brown-eyed girl. Her recognizable bright blue eyes are the result of coloured contact lenses such like the ones you can buy at Optical Express opticians.

The contacts Paris sports are blue with a black edging. Megan Fox, the popular actress for Transformers, is another celebrity who was not born with the bright blue eyes that she has now. Megan’s eyes actually are natural hazel in color. Like many celebrities, Megan wanted blue eyes so she now wears contact lenses. The colour she chose gives her a piercing stare. When recasting the part of Superman, the directors found an actor they liked in Brandon Routh. There was only one problem; Christopher Reeve, the original Superman, had blue eyes but Routh has rather dark eyes. Thanks to coloured contacts this was an easy fix which didn’t cause Routh to lose the part.

Another celebrity known to have changed his eye colour to blue is Orlando Bloom. Bloom is naturally a brown eyed gent. However, when cast in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, his character had blue eyes. In order to make his character as authentic as possible Bloom began wearing blue coloured contacts.


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