Editorial Advert: Hello La Mode | Luxury Resale

Editorial Advert: Hello La Mode | Luxury Resale

Hello La Mode 785x531 Editorial Advert: Hello La Mode | Luxury Resale

Are you a label hoarder?  Do you live for designer fashion?

Let’s face it, if you live the POSHGLAM lifestyle there have probably been a few pieces in your closet you spent too much on but never wore.  There were also a few pieces from that one runway you would have loved to have purchased, if it didn’t mean choosing between rent and food that month.

A new site launching in July, Hello La Mode creates the solution to both of those dilemmas.
Hello La Mode provides an outlet for fashion collectors to sell impulse purchases and unworn luxury goods to similar fashionistas who appreciate them. Expect to find labels like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel.  Don’t expect to find H&M or Zara, (the team will reject any brands they don’t qualify as “luxury”).

Hello La Mode also provides the opportunity for fashion lovers to buy high end fashion from their favorite designers at an obtainable price.  What sets this site apart is that every purchase is certified in person by an expert to verify that the item is authentic and its promised condition.  No more bad surprises!

As a seller, I like knowing my fashion remains in my closet until it is sold.  It’s nice to know I can change my mind just in case I realize I really love those stilettos after all or suddenly fit into those leather pants!  My piece is in my hands until the sale is actually completed.
You can shop by brand or by the style profile of the members you like!  Share your favorites on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter…   Celebrity tastemakers curate collections from your shops on their blog.

To gain access to the private VIP pre-launch, use password “LONDON” to enter:

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