Asymmetrical Cut

Simply put, an asymmetric cut is where one side is cut shorter than the other. 


Balayage is a hand-painted highlighting technique that provides a natural look, sun-kissed look. Many prefer the balayage technique to the traditional cap/foil technique which can seem a bit more artificial in comparison.  There are a variety of balayage types including: ombre, sombre, reverse balayage, dip-dyed hair (no gradient), tortoiseshell (also called ecaille) and color melt. …

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Bang (or Fringe) Trim

A bang or fringe is the shorter hair covering many a forehead. It can have a sharper line or soft feathered look. It often needs trimmed more frequently than the rest of the head of hair (since its much more obvious).


You’ve seen it for years, at every salon or barbershop. Barbicide is that blue liquid that’s used to disinfect all hair styling tools.

Base Color

Base color simply means your natural color. It’s a term used by colorists who use your base color as part of their hair color plan. 

Beach Waves

You know that natural wave and texture your hair takes on after a day at the beach? We recreate that windblown, tousled look at our salon using a variety of techniques including specialized hair products to take home with you so you can look beach-touched at home. 

Beveled Hair Cut

A beveled hair cut is a softer blunt cut with a little curve in it, giving it a softer overall appearance. 


A blow-out can be done with or without a cut or color service and consists of advanced blowdrying techniques and iron work for a killer hairstyle. Expect long-lasting (3 – 5 days) body, volume and shine and that “just walked out of the salon” look. Perfect for special occasions. 

Blunt Cut

A blunt but is a uniform cut where the length of the hair is the same all around the head. This clean cut works best on poker-straight hair since it showcases the shine and straitness of the strands. 

Bob Haircut

Bob haircuts are a softer blunt cut, where the hair falls evenly around the head, with little to no layering. 

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