Everything Emerald: Tips from The Top Beauty Salon in Montreal

Emerald is one of those colors that simply pops. Its royal hue enhances the beauty of anything and everything it is on or by. It’s one of those colors that’s simply superb. If emerald is one of those colors you absolutely love and want to try, here are a few tips, tricks and ideas to keep in mind! From skin tones to smoky eyes, you’ll be ready to try emerald everything!

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What Skin Tones go with Emerald? Emerald is a color that looks absolutely fantastic on darker, olive skin tones. Olive skin tones, or warm skin tones, look best in colors like emerald. Warm skin tones have a more yellow or golden undertone. Olive skin tones are either warm or neutral (neutral being a bit of both warm and cool), making it incredibly easy to don just about any color you want! You have the perfect skin tone for going whatever direction suits your fancy when it comes to colors. Emerald is definitely your color, so go bold and have fun with it!

  • Side Note: Even if you’re not an olive skin tone, don’t worry! Emerald looks absolutely fantastic on just about any skin tone! Whether you’re a cool skin tone with blonde hair and blue eyes, or an olive skin tone with brown eyes and hair, emerald looks fantastic on it all! It’s an all-around color, making it a go-to for a fun and fabulous “new” color for you to try.

How to Wear Emerald: When it comes to emerald, you’ll want to rock it as an eyeshadow, especially a gorgeous smoky eye. If you feel like pairing your emerald eyeshadow with other neutrals for a little pizazz or you want just emerald, here are some tips for you:

  • Pairing your Emerald: When it comes to pairing, make sure you pair the right colors that match both the emerald color and your skin tone. Some options include:
    • Gun metal grey: This is a gorgeous color and gives you a little bit of an edgy look. This is great for a night out with the ladies!
    • Beige: Beige is another color (or crème) that looks great with emerald. If you want a calmer, more day time color, then pick a color in the brown family (chocolate, beige, or crème) to tone it down a little.

    What to wear on your Lips: When you wear a bright and bold color like emerald on your eyes, you want to wear lipsticks or stains that match in color. Here are a few ideas for you to keep in mind:

    • Peachy Pink: Pink and green has always been paired together, but give that color combo a new face by pairing a dark emerald with a light and fresh peach lipstick. Your eyes are bold and beautiful while your lips look fresh, clean, and natural.
    • Royal Red: When it comes to emerald, if you’re feeling a little sultry, daring, sexy, and bold, opt for a rich, deep red. Pairing emerald green eyes with a gorgeous red lip takes daring to a whole new level. You’ll want to keep the rest of your makeup, your hair, and even your jewelry to a minimal to keep from looking gaudy. Green and red are simply fantastic colors to pair together, especially with all of the holidays and party’s coming up!

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