Experts help firms focus on future

Experts help firms focus on future

Auckland businesses will be able to get short coaching sessions on sustainability tomorrow as part of a “Sustainable City Showcase” being run until Saturday.

Ten expert-led 30-minute sessions will provide opportunities for businesses to improve sustainability as it applies to financial, social, human and environmental aspects of their businesses.

Topics for the sessions – at The Cloud, Queens Wharf – include green marketing and communications, retrofitting and energy efficiency, sustainability reporting, building a sustainable business, and the value of green office spaces.

The co-chair of the Sustainable Business Network, Jamie Sinclair, said the sustainability message had been steered towards costs since the economic slump.

“In a country like New Zealand where there are lots of small businesses, day to day operations take precedence, like paying GST and PAYE. You can understand that,” said Sinclair, who is also sustainability adviser for KPMG.

Sustainability had also done a poor public relations job on itself, he said.

“Really it’s nothing scary – internationally it’s gaining momentum and more an integrated part of business. Sustainability is making sure your business is here tomorrow and the day after,” he said.

“It’s having a forward-looking view, being more strategic, addressing the way you operate to minimise your effect on environment, impact on staff, resources, water, power and ways you engage with government.”

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