Eyebrow microblading: our 7 recommendations before the session

When talking about microblading, many of us are disoriented because we are not familiar with this alternative. However, in recent years it has gained more prominence due to its various advantages in terms of aesthetic treatment.

In other words, as it is a semi-permanent tattoo, the density and beauty it brings to the eyebrows can never go unnoticed. On the contrary, the triple naturalness to modify the eyebrows both in size, thickness and shape, has allowed this technique to stand out from the others.

So that you no longer have to worry about applying makeup to your eyebrows every morning, we at Salon Deauville will tell you about our 7 recommendations before a microblading session. Based on expert opinion, we’ve put together a list of tips to always keep in mind.

It is true that many people are more concerned about aftercare. Nevertheless, before the process, certain measures and guidelines should also be taken that will project better results.

That said, let’s begin our brief but exciting adventure!

7 recommendations before a microblading session

7 recommendations before a microblading session

Due to the nature of the technique, experts recommend taking certain precautions before considering starting a microblading treatment. Therefore, below, we will tell you a little more about it in detail.

1. Avoid certain cosmetic products

If you are considering a microblading session, it is important that, before starting the treatment, you avoid certain aesthetic products, because they can hinder the process and generate unfavorable results. Among them are:

  • Botox, due to its muscle relaxation effect.
  • AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) treatments, for their exfoliating effect.
  • Retinoids, for acne-related issues.

2. Think twice before an exfoliating treatment!

If you want to have this procedure done, try not to proceed with exfoliating treatments such as microdermabrasion. This is because the skin tends to be more sensitive and irritated (depending on how the process was performed).

That said, this recommendation should be taken into account, mainly because exfoliation focuses on the surface of the skin. So, being irritated (in most cases this can be observed), microblading will damage some surrounding tissues, if the dermis is delicate.

3. Avoid stimulant or hallucinogenic beverages

Another thing you should avoid at all costs is the ingestion of alcoholic beverages, coffee or any substance containing caffeine (or any other type of stimulant). With 12 hours of abstinence before your session, your body will be grateful.

This is because the ingestion of these products could generate a thinning of the dermis in the long term and inflammation in the short term. The aforementioned is fundamental, since your face could resent microblading and show results that are out of line with what you need.

4. Try not to expose yourself to the sun

In addition to the above recommendations, it is essential that you protect your face from the sun. Also, it must be at least 15 days before the session, since UV rays can spoil the final result.

5. Don’t exercise!

It is also important that you stop exercising. Although it will not be that many days, you should stop, even if it is only 1. This will allow your pores to be in excellent condition and the microblading to be performed correctly.

6. Don’t wear make-up or pluck your eyebrows!

To almost finish the article, we recommend you to desist from applying make-up or plucking your eyebrows. Take into account the number of days (one week is more than perfect), so that, when you start the treatment, you will find what you were always waiting for: a spectacular result.

7. Visit to the doctor

And finally, one thing you will always need to do is to visit a general practitioner. After a checkup that determines, for example, that you do not have type 1 or 2 diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure or any other serious illness, only until then can you proceed with eyebrow microblading.

The visit to the doctor is important and decisive for this treatment or others of similar nature. Therefore, the opinion of a health expert is always necessary, as they will also be able to advise you further on medical issues of your interest.

Where to have microblading eyebrows done?

Where to have microblading eyebrows done?

After knowing our 7 recommendations before an eyebrow microblading session, what are you waiting for to undergo this simple procedure? If you want to be in the hands of experts, Salon Deauville is the solution you’ve been looking for.

So, don’t wait any longer. For your comfort, we have a variety of aesthetic treatments to make your face even more beautiful. We also have state-of-the-art tools available to make your experience unsurpassed.

That said, you can find us at 4048 Jean Talon Ouest Montreal, QC H4P 1V5. Here you will enjoy the best microblading treatment in 2 sessions that will allow you to forget about traditional makeup. Also, visit our store, to keep an eye out for the latest products in the cosmetic field.

Contact us at (514) 735-4432, email us at and to schedule an appointment with us, click on the following link. Also, remember that our commitment is to you. Therefore, in Salon Deauville, it will be a pleasure to serve you.

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