Fabulous Christmas Style Must-Do’s

Ready or not, here comes Christmas! All that baking, shopping, and planning is happening in a whirlwind of wrapping paper, ribbons, snowflakes, and hot cocoa. But with all this planning comes the preparation of your Christmas day look. What to wear? How to style your hair? What about your makeup? You want to look your best, because you know Grandma will be snapping photos for keepsakes! So make sure you look absolutely stunning for your Christmas dinner with these gorgeous looks!

Makeup Madness:

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When it comes to holidays and special occasions, you want to look a little bit fancier, a little nicer, and a little dolled up! With that in mind, try a few of these makeup looks to look your best for your family Christmas party!

  • Eyeshadow: When it comes to your eyeshadow, don’t be afraid to go a little bolder than your usual colors. With the fancy atmosphere and the constant flash of the camera, you don’t want to look washed out and tired. So, opt for bold, bright, and glittery colors. Opt for golds, bronzes, emerald greens or rich chocolate browns. Whatever three colors you choose, top it off with a nice, bold cat eye, using a liquid eyeliner. With a few swipes of mascara, your eyes will be absolutely dazzling!
  • Lipstick/stain: When it comes to your lips, opt for something a little deeper and darker than your soft pinks and barely there peaches. Instead, opt for bold, beautiful, holiday-esque colors like cherry reds, mahogany, or deep plum. With all the cider sipping and apple pie eating, a lip stain will probably be your best bet, as it’s less likely to wipe off onto your cups.

Haute Hair Trends:

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When it comes to your hair, you want something that’s comfortable, lasting, and pretty. Something simple yet elegant will do the trick, also allowing your makeup to be the focal point of your ensemble. Here are a couple hair styles for you to think about!

  • Beautiful Buns: When it comes to fun and easy styles, a gorgeous bun is your best bet. Wrap your hair up relatively high into a loose, messy bun, pulling a few strands out around your cheek bones to frame your face. You can spritz it up with a Christmas-y bow or headband for a little extra pizazz!
  • Pretty Pony: Usually when you think ponytail, you think house cleaning, errand running, and a nice sweaty jog. Not so. Try this fabulous ponytail for that simple yet perfect “wow” factor:
    • Separate your hair into two sections, front and back.
    • Tie the back section of hair into a mid-level pony tail.
    • Separate the front section, side from side.
    • Take your left section of hair and pull it over to the right side of the ponytail, wrapping it around and pinning to the side.
    • Do the same with the right section of hair.
    • Voila! A perfect ponytail!

Here at Salon Deauville, we know that having all the right tools makes all the difference! We have everything you need here at our salon, so make sure to stop on by and take a look at all the makeup and hair utensils we have to offer!

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