Fall Hair Colors for 2014

Fall is quickly coming upon us this year, so make sure you’re ready with a new hair color! Here are tons of different fabulous shades that are all the rage for 2014. Fall is filled with hot cocoa, thick sweaters, mittens and boots, but it’s also filled with fabulous trending hair colors as well! Complete your fall-look with a gorgeous fall color! At Salon Deauville, our talented stylists can really revamp your tresses with a gorgeous new color to suit your fall style!

fall hair styles 2014
  • Burgundy Red: This is the epitome of a fall color! It’s warm, bright, bold, and beautiful. Burgundy red tresses will complement any outfit, making you look all the more ready for the ever-approaching winter months. Burgundy red hair is perfect for paler skin-toned ladies; it’s the perfect complimenting color to really make you stand out. Get warm and cozy with this gorgeous fall color!
  • Ombre: Ah, yes, the ever popular ombre is here to stay! There are hundreds of varieties to the ombre style, giving you just about every choice that you could possibly pick from. For a perfect fall colored ombre, go for chocolate brown that melts into warm golden tips or a deep chocolate that shimmers into a soft red. There are several different colors to go with – pick the ones that best compliment your skin tone!
  • Raven Brown: It’s dark, daring, and mysterious; raven brown is a shade away from black, giving you the perfect, deep color for a cool fall season. Raven brown is gorgeous on dark, tan skin tones, giving you the perfect compliment. Raven brown is a Colombian coffee- ground hued color; it’s rich, vivacious, and simply delicious!
  • Strawberry Blonde: If you’re looking to keep your light colored tresses, but you want a little bit of a change, than strawberry blonde is the route to go! Strawberry blonde gives you that soft and sweet wintery look that will dazzle every onlooker! Be the sunshine in the fall – let the golden hues of your strawberry blonde warm everyone who sees you! Strawberry blonde is a gorgeous color for fair skinned ladies, giving you the perfect winter appeal.

strawberry blonde hair 2014
Fall is a fabulous season filled with pumpkin spice and crackling fires. Add to the beauty with a new hair color! From dark and delicious raven brown to sun-tinted strawberry blonde, you can choose just about any color that’s perfect for your skin tone. Here at Salon Deauville, we can help you get the perfect fall look that will get you set and ready for the cooler months ahead!

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