Bow ties have been reworked this season from formal into several casual alternatives available in tweed, wool and grosgrain, reflecting a growing appreciation for traditional aspects of men’s dressing

Longstanding men's accessories manufacturer and supplier Parisian have worked with Barkers menswear on a range of smaller bow ties that can be worn everyday with a casual shirt and sweater, providing sophistication to an everyday outfit.

"Whereas the silk bows give a dandy display of colour with its large butterfly shape, the casual bows have slightly subdued tones and are revived with an old-school pointed pattern," says John Crompton, managing director of Parisian.

Award-winning costume designer Catherine Martin highlighted several bow tie styles in Baz Luhrmann's recent adaptation of The Great Gatsby, particularly the self-tie version that can be worn in different shapes - from Nick Carraway's small and fastidious bows to the larger, opulent bows worn by Jay Gatsby.

MP Peter Dunne's love of wearing quirky bow ties has even helped raise the profile of the annual Muscular Dystrophy Bow-Tie Awareness Week, a campaign also supported by fashion label World, who have exclusively designed bow pins for the cause. Worldman's own quirky options range from polka dots to a vibrant green tweed style.

Check out our favourite bow ties here

1. Worldman polka dot bow tie ($99). WESC chambray shirt ($219)

2. Maxim's de Paris striped bow tie ($39.95). WESC shirt ($179)

3. Crane Brothers self-tie bow ties ($89 each)

4. Maxim's de Paris fine polka dot print bow tie ($39.95). I Love Ugly shirt ($119)

5. Working Style bow tie ($149). I Love Ugly shirt ($119)

6. Worldman tweed bow tie ($99). WESC gingham shirt ($149)

7. Fellini striped bow tie ($29.95). I Love Ugly shirt ($119)

Stockists: Crane Brothers (09) 377 5333 Fellini (09) 303 4129 I Love Ugly (09) 377 7022 Maxim's de Paris (09) 303 4129 Working Style (09) 302 0532
Worldman (09) 373 3034 WESC (09) 368 1981

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