We Are Inspired By Springtime And The New Season's Crayola Bright Colour Palette - Let's Brighten Up Our Denim

Although we've all probably got our favourite pair of jeans, whatever the label or style, its more than likely they are blue, either indigo blue, stonewashed blue or faded blue, and if they're not blue then they are probably black. So how refreshing is it this Spring to wander down the high street and admire rack upon rack of bright, crazy colours and prints and amongst these offerings, to also find brightly coloured denim.

Now coloured denim may strike fear in some hearts, there are issues on what to wear it with, what will a pair of bright red jeans look like on you - will you dare leave the house the first time you put them on? So, to iron out these issues, we have some simple tips on how to wear bright coloured denim - without fear!

Freida Pinto wearing bright denim in purple with neutral shoes

Tips On How To Wear Bright Denim

  • Pick out your favourite colour, we particularly love the purple jeans that Freida Pinto has going on. Team them up with neutral coloured high heels and a classic leather jacket or t-shirt in a neutral colour to look gorgeous.

Sienna Miller wearing bright red skinny jeans

  • If you are going for a pale coloured denim such as pink or aquamarine, choose a looser jeans style, turn up the cuffs and wear with sandals, this is a more flattering look than tight jeans in a light colour.
  • If you just love bright colours, red denim teamed up with black boots and jacket is definitely on trend. We love Sienna's black and white striped top with skinny red jeans and boots. Even Pippa Middleton has been seen in brightly coloured skinnies.

Pippa Middleton wearing bright denim skinnies

  • Whatever colour you choose, stick with a neutral coloured top that will make your denim colours pop. Choose tops in white, grey, black or brown in a style that suits your jeans. Don't wear anything sequinned or glittery with bright denims, keep your style simple.

Kim Kardashian wearing electric blue bright denim

  • Keep your footwear colours neutral. If you are wearing pastel coloured denim match up with light coloured sandals. If you are wearing a black top along with strong coloured denims, go for black boots or heels.

Bright and on trend, coloured denim is perfect for a casual Spring look, just choose your favourite colour and accessorise!