Finding the Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Platinum blonde, ferocious red, and sexy, raven black- we all want those eye-catching, bedazzling colors that all the celebrities are sporting. But the important thing to remember is you want to find a hair color that best compliments you. From fair to dark skin, there are several different hair colors that can really maximize your features.

Fair and Fabulousblonde white skin

For those of us with pale skin tones, it’s important to stay away from daringly dark and brilliantly light hues; you don’t want to get “washed out” by your hair color. A few color choices that are excellent for us fairer skinned ladies includes a warm, golden blonde color, and a golden red. A golden-hued hair color will really bring out your best features and enhance your gorgeous, milky-white skin tone.

Totally Tanned

For those with a sun-kissed, medium colored skin tone, luscious caramels and dark chocolate browns are perfect for you! They add even more warmth to your skin tone and can enhance the color of your eyes as well. It’s important to stay away from colors that are too dark, such as black. Black hair can draw attention to bags under your eyes, taking away from your beautiful features. You want hair color that really maximizes your skin tone and eye color, and with chocolaty browns and smooth caramels, you’ll have people envying your locks!

Olive Obsession

The deepest, darkest chocolate browns are the best colors for your gorgeous skin tone. With a dark chocolate color, your skin will look brilliant and enviable, without washing you out or clashing with your natural, “sun-kissed” tan. Deep, dark browns will really make your eye color pop, bringing even more attention to your gorgeous brown on olive skinfeatures. Having the right hair color is all about accentuation- you want to make sure your facial features are enhanced, not minimized!

Dark and Darling

If you have gorgeous chocolate skin, finding the right hair color doesn’t have to leave you utterly lost. There are tons of gorgeous choices for you to select from! For example, you can go with a dark auburn brown that will really enhance your skin tone. With the auburn undertones, it can really lighten up your tresses and will take them to a whole new level of fabulous.

Finding the right hair color for your skin tone can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Honestly, we’ve all had hair horrors, but at Salon Deauville, our fabulous stylists can help you find the perfect choice. From dark to fair, we can give you the flawless hair color that you’ve always wanted. Schedule an appointment today.

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