Japanese shoe designer Masaya Kushino has created bizarrely beautiful high-heeled shoes with a very surprising function; they distribute seeds. Intended to spark discussion about the future of Fukushima, the rapeseed dispensing shoes are certainly a talking point. Rapeseed plants can apparently remove caesium-137 and strontium-90 from soil.

Google’s Project Glass

Smartphones will soon make the leap from your pocket to your face. Google’s new Project Glass centres on a pair of augmented-reality spectacles designed to be the next generation of smartphone. They will have advanced voice control and a unique display system. Would you wear them?

Parks for apartments

In urban centres, space is often at a premium, so it needs to be used cleverly. JDS architects from Belgium have designed three idyllic communal rooftop spaces with real grass, play areas and even a barbecue area – something most apartment dwellers are used to living without.

By Rachael McKinnon
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