From Fit To Fabulous! 4 Hair Tips For Working Out

Working out is incredibly beneficial for your physique, but it can leave your hair looking damp, drab, and dirty. With a few styling tricks, you can have your hair looking clean, fresh, and fabulous in no time! With five minutes and a few tools, you can go from a workout to a dinner date looking fantastic!

brush full hair

Products to Use

In order to give your hair that healthy, fuller, clean look, you need to use the proper products. One prime product you can use is a spray gel that is water based. A spray gel will give your hair “oomph” and a fresh appearance, making it easy to style. Dry shampoo is the greatest product ever invented- you don’t have to worry about shampooing your hair in order to have that clean look! Spritz the dry shampoo at your roots, than take your hair brush or comb and brush it through to the tips, which gives it a fuller look.

Tips to Perfection

If you don’t have all of your hair styling products in your gym bag, you don’t have anything to worry about! Just make sure you have a blow dryer and a couple clips, and you’ll be able to have fabulous hair after your workout, no matter how sweaty you get!

hair after gym

Blow Dryers and Clips

Your blow dryer will be your new best friend once you try this fabulous trick after a rigorous gym workout! Take a round brush and roll your hair away from your scalp. Blow dry the roots for 10 seconds in order to whisk away the moisture and add volume to your roots. Spray your hair with a volumizing hairspray and call it done! You can also blow dry the hair at your crown and front few strands, add a volumizing and shine-enhancing serum or cream, and you’ll have dry, fresh looking hair that’s perfect for just about any occasion!

Crimping Your Style

Another fantastic trick to try is not putting your hair in a ponytail. Using a ponytail holder “cramps your style,” giving your hair a crimped and used look. Instead, whip your hair up into a bun and use a clip or two to secure it. The clip won’t crimp your hair, and it will keep your locks away from your sweaty neck, face, and shoulders.

With these few, simple and easy tricks, you will realize just how easy it is to look fabulous after a rigorous workout. It’s important to work out and stay healthy, but it’s also important to look your best when going out. If you’re going straight from the gym to work or a date, use these few fabulous pointers to give your hair the five-minute makeover it needs. With a blow dryer, hair brush, and clip, it’s amazing what you can do!

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