Fun Wedding Hairstyles

Your wedding will be filled with glamorous décor, stunning dresses, sweet-smelling flowers, and everything perfect! You’re the centerpiece for all attention; your gown is perfect and your makeup is pristine! To top off the flawless attire, you can style your hair to complement the entire look. There are tons of different hairstyles you can choose from, all glamorous, gorgeous, and wedding-worthy!

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Wedding Hairstyles

Depending on the theme of your wedding, your hair length, and your hairs texture will all depend on what style will best complement your attire. Here are five fabulous hair-dos that will complement any bride!

  • Chic Chignon: The chignon hair style can be styled pretty much anyway you want – it can be loose and have a vintage appeal, or it can be pulled up to perfection to give you a chic and royal appearance. This style is great for outdoor, vintage styled country weddings!
  • Ballerina Bun: Chic, sophisticated, soft, and romantic; the ballerina bun is perfect for that fairy tale wedding where chandeliers and pearls are the accenting pieces. The ballerina bun draws attention to your gorgeous, smiling face!
  • Short and Sassy: For those with short and sassy styles, there are plenty of different styling options for you! With any short style, add accessories to give your hair-do a pop of style!

o   Low and Loose: Keep your hair down and have it wavy. This gives you a princess, picture-perfect style that’s wonderful for any bride!

o   Curled and Chic: Have your hairstylist at Salon Deauville give you the ringlets you’ve always wanted!

  • Half & Half: This is the perfect style for any traditional bride. It keeps your hair out of your face, but still gives you the freedom to curl, straighten, or wave your tresses.
  • Down and Desirable: If you’re opting to keep your hair down, you can do just about anything! From a waterfall braid to loose waves, the styling options are pretty much endless if you want to keep it all down.

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In order to keep your hair picture-perfect, use quality styling products to keep every curl in its proper place. Big Sexy Hair is a fabulous hairstyling product that gives you all the play and hold that you need.

Here at Salon Deauville, our stylists can help you get the perfect hairstyle for your wedding! From soft and sensual to chic and perfect, our stylists can give you the look you want! Using the best quality products such as Big Sexy Hair and Wella, they can give your trusses the picture-perfect style you’ve dreamed of!

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