Functioning Frizz – How to Tame the Mane

There’s nothing worse than having your hair styled to picture-perfect flawlessness and then walking outdoors to have the humidity ransack your mane. From shimmery shine to a frizzy nightmare, it can seem almost impossible to have the perfect hair-do all day long. You’re not alone in this battle, and many women out there wonder what to do with their frizzy mess. Not to worry! There are several great styling and care techniques you can do to prevent the frizz hazard!

how to deal with frizzy hair

Frizz Fighters: Invest in a quality frizz-control cream to help tame the mane. A cream is better than a serum since it’s a heavier product, helping to keep your unmanageable locks from going wild. Work the serum into your hair after a shower to really maximize its potential. For the best product, ask your hairdresser what frizz-control cream would be optimal for you.

Whatever you do, don’t air dry! Air drying your hair will only accentuate the frizz. The best thing to do is to blow dry your hair with a large round brush after applying a good frizz-control cream. With the blow drying, it will wick away any moisture, preventing your locks from fluffing. Style your hair with the round brush, blow drying your locks into sleek, shiny strands. Also, you want to work your way up. Start from the tips of your hair and work your way up to the roots to prevent further frizz. (Remember, anti-frizz products are your new best friend.)

Moisturizing Shampoos: Moisturizing shampoos are wonderful for helping prevent frizz. Not only can a moisturizing shampoo help with the frizz, but it will also give your hair a sleek shine that will dazzle everyone!

Style It Up: If you’re headed out, throw your hair up in a clip to keep the humidity from getting to it (don’t use a hair tie – hair ties leave crimps in your hair, mussing up your gorgeous style). A clip will keep your hair in a soft up-due until you’re ready to shake out your gorgeous mane and wow everyone with your luscious locks.

frizzy hair styles

Frizzy hair doesn’t have to be something you have to continuously fret over. With just a few styling tips, like blow drying and using a quality frizz-control cream, you can keep your mane gorgeous all day long! Contact one of our hairstylists to see what hair products, such as shampoos and creams will work for you. Your hair is beautiful; work it to make it work for you!

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