Ghastly Grays: How to manage and maintain your grays with ease!

There are so few women who can actually pull of gray hairs that we find ourselves envying those who can. We want to look younger longer, and quite frankly, the gray roots aren’t helping. But don’t worry – there are a few fabulous styling options you can do to make your lustrous, gray-free color last longer!

manage gray hair
Dry Shampoos: Greasy hair is weighted down, drawing unwanted attention to your gray roots. But here’s the clincher: your hair dresser recommends not washing on a daily basis, as this dries and washes out the color faster. What to do then? Well, a dry shampoo is the perfect solution. Spray this at your roots and then brush or shake it in. This will add volume to your hair, taking the strands away from your scalp. This eliminates not only the appearance of grease, but it also helps to take the attention away from your scalp and put the focus on your lustrous locks.

Color Pencil: This is fantastic for a quick touch up that temporarily colors your roots. You can use a variety of different products, such as baby powder for blondes, bronze eye shadow for brunettes, or you can find a hair sharpie that matches your hair color. No matter which one you choose, this will help to eliminate the appearance of gray roots without having to do a color touch up every other week!

Highlighted Hair: Highlights are fantastic for drawing attention away from your roots. People tend to notice the golden hued, beautifully colored highlights before they notice those awful gray strands. So next time you visit your hairstylist for a color touch up, ask him or her to add a few highlights.

Root Concealer Spray: Yet again another fantastic temporary root fix! This is great for spraying on your roots for an all-day cover up. You can find the color that best matches your hair, so make sure to ask your stylist what brand and color would look best for your mane.

gray hair
White hairs are typically harder to color than your naturally hued strands, and keeping them from reappearing can seem like a never ending hassle. Since it’s unhealthy for your hair to have it colored every week, a few at-home temporary solutions are a great alternative. From dry shampoos and baby powder to root pencils and concealer spray, you have your fair share of options to choose from. Ask your stylist at Salon Deauville what would be best for your hair, then try it and watch the magic happen! Click Here to book an appointment

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